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I need serious help, I'm in trouble, I cannot seem to overcome this great sin?

I may be on my way to Hell....

The great sin of Pornography.... I just cannot seem to overcome it. I look at, and you know what to porn occasionally. I just can't seem to get enough of it. I pray about beating it, but when I think I've beaten it, a whole day or two will pass when i haven't masturbated or looked at porn, then after that I'm right back to it.

I mean am I so weak as to I can only do no more than two days. I mean I know there are ppl out there who can hold out for an entire month, and also not even do it all for the rest of their lives.

I'm a christian, and I know porn is bad, but yet I still keep looking at it. I say to myself "I'm just cleaning out my body for the good of my body." But it's not right to do it. I think not being able to overcome pornography and masturbation is my weakness, and satan and his demons know this so they keep exploiting it to it's fullest.

It's like their saying, "Come on dude, you know you want to, it's ok, it's not bad, god won't get angry with you."

I scared because If I do not beat this, I will be in hell, and not with god, i kind of have the fear of god in me, but i dont really fully have it, if im not trying to overcome this sin.

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    First of all, just because you sin many times this does not mean you are going to hell, as long as you have received salvation through Christ.

    Now, as long as you are a believer you have been liberated from sin. This is one of the provisions of the cross.

    You referred to pornography as this great sin. Maybe this is part of the problems. Sometimes we look at the problems in our life and they are all that we can see. But what we need to remember is that God is bigger than any problem we may face.

    I found that it is often a problem with our mindset that keeps us in bondage to sin. As long as you see yourself as a slave to sin, then you will always lose the battle with temptation. This what Satan wants us to believe, that we are trapped by our sin. But what does the word of God say.

    "For we know that our old self was crucified with him so that the body ruled by sin might be done away with, that we should no longer be slaves to sin— because anyone who has died has been set free from sin." (Romans 6:6-7 - NIV)

    So, it important to understand that freedom from sin is a provision of the cross. We do not need to conquer our sin, since Christ already did that on the cross.

    What we need to do is to repent of our sin before God and then learn to rely on His strength to keep us from sin.

    It is not Satan who causes us to sin. In the end, the Bible is clear that is our own fleshly desires that cause us to sin. This is why we need to renew our minds in the word of God, allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us through this process. In the end, our goal is that we become more like Christ and we would begin to see things from God's prospective. As we become more like Christ Satan will no longer be able to temp us as effectively because the desire to watch pornography and masturbate will no longer be there.

    Most of us would never commit murder. Why? Because, such an act would be to abominable to even consider. In the same way, as we become more like Christ we begin to see all sin as God sees it, as an abomination.

    It is important that we reach the point that this sin of lust becomes as unthinkable in our minds as murder.

    Of course any sin's that we have committed in the past are under the blood, so do not let guilt weigh you down. Remember what the word of God says:

    "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness." (1 John 1:9 - NIV)

    I know what you are going through because I went through this same struggle myself. The good news is that there is victory in Christ.

    Another thing that God showed me about this issue is that one of the things that really keeps us in bondage to the sin of lust is what we watch on TV and in movies. If you watch a lot of shows and that involve sexual humor and situations you are just inviting the devil into our minds. So, be careful what you watch.

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    Sin is all around us. Porn is everywhere! It's all over the internet, TV and the check out lines at the grocery store. While many think of porn as actual sex act and nudity, look at what is on TV and the magazines, they are both filled with men and women dressed very provocatively. While you are trying to not look at the nudity, you haven't realized you are being tempted constantly with the suggestive ads and pictures on TV and in Magazines. Not to mention real people you walk by at the stores, women dressed in clothes that leave little to the imagination!

    It has been my experience in overcoming sexual immorality that I had to take a serious inventory of what is having an influence on me and get rid of it. Not only that but but realizing there are some things I can't get rid of - the inappropriately dressed person infront of me at the checkout. SO I have to have a plan of action- I need to TURN the other way!!

    You can say you are not going to do something all day long, but unless you take action in doing something you will constantly return to the 'sin'

    Find someone in your church that can help guide you and encourage you. If you need help in finding someone visit:

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    First of all, if you are true Christian you will take this seriously. I SAY YOU ARE NOT A TRUE CHRISTIAN! You think God will take what you are doing lightly? He condones corporal punishment. Taking a switch to a misbehaving kid to gain respect. This should tell you something. A Christian who sits around sinning and praying for help is a false Christian. You have been deceived. God's Word truly helps us. But it is out own will that gets us to Him. Until we get there, He will not help us. We must grow up. I will give you the same answer I gave to another poster. This should shine some light on what you need to know about what causes your problem.


    We live with a conscience. It is an extremely important part of our being. It's like a filter. Everything we see, think, or do goes through it. It reacts to these things. And how it reacts is dependent upon exactly all the things we believe. It is designed to tell us when we do something wrong, or are about to. And it will also lead us to doing the right things. But as I stated, it is driven by the things we believe. So we can believe all the wrong things and have a conscience that will fail us.

    With all that said understand this. The world is ruled by Satan. The society you see around you is a result of that. MOST things are creations that never would have taken place under God. They are designed to deceive us in some way. The end result is meant to create a division between us and God. That's the whole point since Satan hates God. So the way this works is this. Society forces as much as possible into our conscience. Too much worldly intelligence. Too many images. Too many movies or videos. Too much music. Too many forms of improper behavior. The list goes on and on.

    The result is a crowded conscience. All that "junk" never leaves us as long as we are exposed to it. You see. God expects us to surrender our lives to Him LITERALLY. We are to stop exposing ourselves to Satan's worldly crap. We are to clear our conscience and fill it only with God's knowledge. Then, and only then, will our conscience not fail us.

    So in your case, you masturbate and cannot get rid of the lust or visions. Now I hope you can understand why. The way you are living your life has much to do with it. You see. You cannot go out in public without seeing some "hot girl" walking across the Walmart parking lot. You will remember that vision. And it is VERY important to turn away as soon as you notice. Remember when the Bible told us to pluck out our eye to make it stop sinning? That's what it means to tell us. Turn away.

    Our conscience will certainly tell on us. You must work to keep it clear. My wife usually "helps" me masturbate. But sometimes that isn't possible. So if I do it, I don't have lustful vision running through my head at all. Sometimes I allow visions of my wife come into play. But I try to keep them "acceptable" to God's standards of conduct. But in no way do they rule me. I attribute this fully to a clean conscience full of God's knowledge. And that's how He comes into our life. He made us this way. He doesn't have to swoop down from Heaven to help us. He gave us the way right there in His Word as it is written.

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    Ok, first of all, quit saying you are going to hell. You're not going to hell because you gave into your weak flesh. If that were the case then there would be no point in jesus's death and resurrection. He will forgive you each and every time you fail. That's what grace is. I would pray all around my home. And every time you feel tempted, find something else. Don't go near your computer or tv. Go for a walk or call a friend for a chat.

    Source(s): "if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us and cleanse us of all unrighteousness." 1 Timothy
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    masturbating isn't bad, and you're right in thinking youre releasing yourself when you do it. its a perfectly natural reaction to porn. maybe next time you get aroused, choose your own thoughts instead of porn if its bothering you that much. and you know what, it probably does seem like its coming at you from every angle and that you're being tempted on purpose and singled out, but really, thats the reality of this day and age. you're not the only one. its purposely everywhere because its everyone's weakness and at this time in the world its ridiculous how much pornographic images there are

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    Stop looking at it as something bad. That will only make it more tempting. Just look at it as something you don't need. When you have the urge to masturbate, try doing something else instead, like exercising. Keep an active lifestyle so you don't have time to sit at the computer or with a magazine looking at porn. Keep busy.

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    If you eat meat you are very horny person. Meat, onion, garlic are aphrodisiac.

    Also meat is a sinful food. For sure who eat meats will go to Hell. Have u stop to think about how much the animals suffer before and during they death?

    Jesus was vegetarian.

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    Holiness Through Grace:

    Have you been trying to lead a holy life, only to find yourself tired, frustrated and defeated? Then listen to this message and rejoice ! Jesus has made it possible for you to have true holiness through His grace and what He has done for you at the cross.

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    I`m sorry your addicted to porn i truly am.

    Yes it is a bad thing its cruel to the person your looking at even if they`re ok with it.

    some people do that to themselves because they think they aren`t worth anything. think about that the next time you look at it (it might help you overcome it)

    Ok so you are addicted to it at least you realize that you are and your trying to stop. that`s a big plus on the way to getting over it.

    Here are some things that might help:

    Find out where you look at it if its on the computer or tv try to stay away from those things if they`re not on you can`t look at it. If you need to get on the computer make sure someone is there who will keep you from getting on those sites (same type of thing with tv.) If its magazines or just pictures then throw them away or burn them or something, stop the magazine subscription. just keep the things that have it away from you.

    Tell yourself you don`t need it. Any time you think about it say "hey i don`t want this to control my life" once you see something you can never unsee it but you can try your best to keep them locked up in your mind and not think about it.

    Write on a paper "i will not look at porn" and put it somewhere you can see it (it doesn`t have to be where other ppl can see it if you don`t wnat teveryone to know)

    TELL SOMEONE. this is something so many people think they can`t do. they`re ashamed and think that people will scorn them for it. nut trust me if you tell someone you trust they will help you because they care about you.

    Try to find support groups or things like that they will help you too. Most people who work at places like that really care about you and whether or not you get over it.

    Now i don`t know your religion so i`m sorry if this offends but if you believe in God then this might help you: I know without a shadow of a doubt that God loves you, he loves you like you can`t believe, he wants you to be able to overcome this and live your life. He is always there for you and he will help you as best he can. but you have to be willing to let him help you.

    (ps i am a Mormon i`m sorry if you don`t like me because of that. but please listen to what i said and keep trying if you really want it, you can overcome. If you don`t mind then you can find help from someone in my church they love you even if they don`t know you and will try to help you I PROMISE)

    best of luck i hope i was of any help

    pps i just want you to know i`ll pray for you and even though i`m only 14 i know you`ll get help if you try.

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