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What Do I Do If I'm In Love With My Best Guy Friend?!!?!?!?

Please help me I have been best friends with this guy for two years we hang out all the time and we always are hanging around with each other then I really like him and i think he likes me because he is always coming over to where me and my mates hang and we are always flirting (I can tell that) I dunno if he likes me so much that he would go out with me or that its just a little flirting thing between us and nothing more I really like him but i don't know what to do! Please help!!!

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    You already said you are friends. I flirt with my guy friends all the time, it really doesn't mean anything. Just make sure you don't think anything of it.

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    This is hard. Maybe you should tell him how you feel? yet again, you don't want things to go awkward when if he doesn't see you that way.

    Just know that, it may not work out in relationship. I did that before. I still love him, and we dnt even speak anymore =/

    However, my situation and the people that involved are different from u and him. Just be careful, and Good luck .

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    guys are pretty simple you can just ask him what he is thinking...i was kinda in that same situation (I'm a guy though) and she just told me she liked me....we went on a date.... where still together and in a very strong relationship and considering getting married soon

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    you shud talk with him about it, usually this helps to clear the air and the tension if theres any

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    OMG!!! I have the same problem!

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