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I did it again... I yelled "Black Man" during orgasm... help??? Girlfriend is mad.....?

I'm totally not racist or anything, it's jsut another random thing that came up... I always say random weiurd stuff during orgasm... like Pokemon's names or something. My girlfriend has gotten mad at me for this before. But now she thinks I'm gay, and a racist. HELP!?!?!


"Give a dog a bone" I don't know this figure of speach? Like, give a dog (black man) a bone (erection) ?

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    Give a dog a bone they say..

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    ( being a woman ) i do no longer additionally know why she might get mad at this ... properly she might have theory that it exchange into an insult yet in my opinion, i does not get mad at this I probable might have laughed no longer gotten so mad that i does not have talked to you. in case you somewhat like her then tell her it somewhat is a pokemon call no longer an insult or some thing that has a foul which potential. if she continues to be mad at you i might injury up along with her. if she freaks out approximately one be conscious that isn't even undesirable i does not manage her!!! p.s. asserting a random pokemon call isn't retarded or any of the different mean issues that the various human beings have reported in there comments ( i think of it somewhat is cute ) ;)

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    dont yell out stuff like that at that time. not good

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