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How do you Cure ADDHD the Natural way?

Im a senior in high school and seriously have a attention problem my attention span is only like 15 min and i need help i would study and be prepare for a test and just all of sudden i blank out its to hard to pay attention to teachers i easily get board and i need a natural way to slow down think straight and just relax the natural way can anybody help me with my problem because im tired of being hyper this also includes my daily school life all my assignments and homework are too hard to understand because of my ADDHD i need help so that i can foccus more and do well in school can anybody please help?

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    You don't. ADHD is itself a natural phenomenon. The "natural" way to handle it is to do nothing.

    Now, if you want to actually *treat* it, you need to see a physician.

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    Unfortunately, chemotherapy does not continuously treatment it, and a "treatment" is elegant on how speedily it's identified. Since it has metastasized to different vital places, I could say her possibilities of survival are minimum,and also you in most cases wouldn't have so much time left. Spend time along with her now, and hold her alleviation. When humans say that there are "usual treatments that the medical professionals don't talk of", they're mendacity, and looking to promote you anything like a booklet or an exact product. Typically its a booklet, on the grounds that despite the fact that its a lie, it's blanketed by means of loose speech. Whereas, if anybody used to be promoting an exact alleviation and pronouncing that it treatments melanoma, they could be sued for making fake and harmful scientific claims. I cannot consider of any intent that a medical professional could wish to suppress understanding approximately a treatment for whatever. If there as a treatment, what could avert a organization from promoting it and making billions of bucks? Keep in brain that many medicinal drugs began out as "usual" parts observed in vegetation. Then researchers isolate the chemical, purify it, research the final result it has within the frame, and assess a nontoxic and amazing variety of doses. So the perception that firms cannot promote anything that is usual is quite simply flawed. Bottom line, I have an understanding of your want to uncover the legendary hidden treatment, but it surely does not exist. Treatments have become extra promising, however they're all elegant on how so much the melanoma has stepped forward. There will most probably not ever be a "treatment" for melanoma, until you imply early analysis and medication by means of genetic manner to avert the melanoma gene from activating within the first position. But on your mother's case, there is not so much that may be performed. I'm sorry to inform yout this, and I empathize together with your drawback.

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    I have heard that focused and pattern breathing along with guided relaxation and self talk affirmation methods(meditation) work well for some people with ADD

    Source(s): Friend with ADD that uses meditation to control it
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