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How do anorexics become anorexic?

I need to know what they do, how they hide it, how many calories they eat, what they eat, if they throw up, how much they exercixe...

I need to know if it's bad to tell a guidence counselor from school, or a friend....

I need to know how they get help and how long they need the help for....

I need to know the health issues that go along with anorexia...

I need to know for a project in health. I don't know the full details. Thanks

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    I'll explain my daily life....

    It all started last year when i got dumped and i thought it was for my physical shape for i was 5'4" and 181.3 pounds. yikes i know, as i remember seeing my weight on the scale and feeling a tear down my cheek. My friend told me about this "secret" where all you do is one meal a day and a snack to keep you going if you might be actually in pain caused by serious starvation AND absolutely NO EXERCISE. I hid it from my parents by telling them i wasnt eating breakfast because i was eating school lunch. I wasnt eating neither. I was just eating like the half of the dinner they made for me telling them that i ate a big lunch at school, which i didnt even eat at all. As i progressed as an anorexic i started counting calories and till this day, out of habit, i still do. I wouldnt pass 700 calories a day when the US Health Department suggests you should eat at least 2000 calories a day. I just counted calories but i ate everything except burgers and steaks but i ate chinese food and chicken mcnuggets when we went out to eat. Basically stayed away from protein. Anorexics dont throw up. Those are BULEMICS. total different disease. We just eat a little. NO throwing up. I NEVER told anybody cus they found out slowly by themselves. And they startwd forcing me to eat and my mom would cry for days fearing that i could land a disease known as ULCERS which are holes in your stomach that are formed due to the fact that there is no food in your stomach, the stomach walls rub against each other until they perforate into one another creating holes which expel toxics from the stomach to the rest of the inside of your body. (my little brothers god father died from that) Like i told my relatives and my parents, I DONT NEED HELP. im happy with the way i am and but in fact i do eat more than i used to. I am now 5'10" 138.2 pounds. Yup thats right. Grew 6 inches but lost over 40 pounds. You can see my rib cage but i am not a walking stick

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    well, i would look all this up on google, "health details of anorexics" but i know a thing or two about them.

    1. they don't usually hide it unless they wear baggy clothes

    2. it doesn't matter on how many calories they eat, their metabolism is VERY fast and burns a lot.

    3. They can eat anything, its the amount and metabolism thats important.

    4. they do not throw up

    5. they don't have enough energy to excersise for more then 30 minutes unless they train A LOT.

    6. its not a bad thing to tell a guidance counselor or a friend, but you should tell a doctor instead.

    7. They do get help, but i don't know much about it

    8. health issues you have to look up, but i think they have lack of energy

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    Well this is my story:

    Started in 6th grade I joined the cheer leading team to be the tumbler, I was one of the smallest girls so I was chosen as a flyer, I wasn't the smallest girl there was a girl much much smaller than me I wanted to be as tiny as her. It started out as a diet, I started learning about calories and tried various diets, only eating fruit and veggies, I became vegetarian. Then I started skipping meals, my Mom would pack my lunch and I wouldn't eat it, I would hide the lunches in my drawers and home and throw them away when she wasn't looking. If she saw I hadn't eaten my lunch I told her I was sharing lunches at school. My weight dropped I was 65 pounds but it wasn't to the point where I was sickly looking so nobody noticed, they just thought I was small because I was only about 4'11" then I started to develop a binge eating disorder(Binging = Overeating excessive amounts of food) when I got into 7th and 8th grade I was trying to get healthy but still thought I was fat, I would not eat all day then I would binge and stuff my self til I was so full and sneak food at night and eat it then do the same thing over and over each day. I would tell myself "I won't eat tomorrow" but the cycle continued, some days I went 3 days without eating but I would gain the weight back when I binged the next day. I got up to about 135 pounds by my freshman year, I was only 5'0" so I was overweight. I was told by my doctor and parents that I was overweight(I took this as me being fat) I hated myself. I then learned how to throw up. I began starving myself then eating when I couldn't take the hunger anymore and throwing up. I would binge and throw up at night and go to bed on an empty stomach, my weight drastically dropped. I got down to 109 pounds at 5'1" by the end of my sophomore year. I then developed bulimia. I went weeks constantly overeating throughout the day and purging after every binge, I basically couldn't keep any food down. I was miserable, I hated myself, I had no energy, I didn't want to get out of bed, the only thing on my mind was food. It wasn't even about weight anymore, the filling myself with food was replacing something missing in my life, but I didn't know and still don't know what it is. I know loneliness is what triggered most of my binges. Today I am trying to recover, I have my bad and good days I still binge and purge and think about food and my body and exercise 24/7 It's been a long, hard road and I would never, ever wish this on anybody. I don't think anybody can truly understand an eating disorder unless they've been through it.

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    It seems to me such as you are attempting to get "sure you're anorexic" solutions, so which you would be able to tell human beings you recognize, and such as you suggested, you kinda only choose to. I type of understand what you're speaking approximately there, yet myself I even have under no circumstances had that strange choose with anorexia. truthfully striking now your weight for top is extremely healthful, no longer over, no longer underweight in accordance to the bmi innovations. although, your nutrition regimen and laxatives and pills look like the initiating of the anorexic way of existence. fairly the shown fact which you fairly choose to get to ninety 5 pounds is extremely function of anorexics from what i've got heard. as a replace of specializing in a particular weight or clothing length, purpose for the well being point you experience bodily superb at, and in case you may desire to be sure weight, use the bmi scale later on which provides you a wide-unfold concept in spite of if or no longer your weight is suitable on your top. you need to understand that anorexia is a ailment and not some thing to be pleased with. Anorexics get obsessed on growing to be to be thinner and thinner, like an habit. In extreme cases it may even effect in loss of life. once you're only desirous to be anorexic now, quit and discover different objectives for your self. in case you heavily think of which you will have a no longer undemanding time battling, such as you're already a techniques into anorexia, the excellent component you're able to do is confess your difficulty with an grownup you have confidence, who can deliver you to a doctor/psychiatrist if choose be or keep in verify which contain your difficulty as you attempt to get well.

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    they fool themselves, thats how

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