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should i tell my boyfriend..?

ok so i have an eating disorder, i told my boyfriend ages ago and he doesn't want me to throw up anymore. last time i did he got really mad and we almost broke up. I've been doing really well but this morning i had breakfast at a friends house and i totally over ate i felt so sick so i just had to get the food out of me :( i feel so bad, i always tell him everything but i'm scared that if i tell him he will break up with me :(

should i just hide it from him orr..?

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    ^ Lol at one of the answers.

    Obviously he threatens to break up with you, because he does care about you & probably to the point where he can't stand to see you hurt yourself; & if he can't stop you from doing it he would rather not be there to see it happen , but besides the point I don't think you should tell him if it's just been this one time & you're really improving on this, but if it's a continual thing then I think you need to bring it up .

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    He shouldn't break up with you over that, if anything he should try and help you with your disorder.

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    Honesty is always key. Level with him. And try to take better care of yourself!!

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    i know its wrong but some things you need to keep to yourself.

    its really none of his buisness

    just dont do it again

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