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What fish to get for 35 gallon tank?

I have a 35 gallon tank all set up with filter, heater, black aquarium gravel & a pirate ship. Specifically, what fish and how many of them should I put in there? Something neat looking and easy, pretty much so I can say "hey, check out my tank" and they say "awe, cool". My wife says I can only spend $50 on fish. Someone give me a fish shopping list! I've been looking at all different kinds and have no clue what to get!

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    I have some suggestion, please look into all of them. One of my favorite fish is the Pictus Catfish, and the Electric Blue Cichlid, the electric blue is probably the most beautiful small fish ive seen. you could also get some pacus, some barbs, blood red parrot, rainbow fish, a tire track eel, fire eel, or striped peacock eel. (they wont hurt any fish except minnows), a clown loach, bala shark, (h'ell only eat small fish), Electric Yellow Labidochromis, a pleco, Dinosaur Bichir( pretty much an eel, only will eat very small fish), red tailed shark, a small school of tiger barbs, rosy barbs, and in my opinion if you want a boss of the tank look into the Black Convict Cichlid. hope this helped!

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    This tool will be very helpful to you based on your budget you can research the fish and the costs locally at your Tropical Fish Store.

    I am excited and look forward to hearing how your tank turns out!!

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    Get a baby shark and watch him destroy everything you put in the tank.

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