why does universe exist?

Lets say we could explain to the last detail HOW it all works, BUT i want to know why. If it was a particle that started, why was that particle even there. Why/who put it there. Its illogical to think that nothing produces something. Something has to produce something. so than why? why would this something first of all exist and produce or be the cause of all we see and know.

even if the answer is unanswerable by science, logic, or reason, does that mean there is no answer? Does that mean we should not occupy ourselves with finding the answer? Any input would be greatly appreciated


I don't understand how it is logical to think that nothing could create something. It sounds just as absurd as any other claim.

Now just because something sounds absurd, does that automatically qualify it is the wrong anser. Also what would make one answer better than another? What would it take to convince the whole human race beyond a doubt that that is the answer? Is that even possible?

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    Universe exists in parallel to and for the purpose and Kingdom of God. Which means the children of God the Creator will be the main priority of this creations by the Creator.


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    Sometimes there isn't a "why," not a meaningful, metaphysical why anyway. It just is. The why and the how are basically the same. "Why" does it exist? Because of the inevitable interplay of the natural laws and forces that make it up. Period.

    "Why" the universe exists is a false question.


    "I don't understand how it is logical to think that nothing could create something. It sounds just as absurd as any other claim. "

    Two things here.

    First, you are confusing cause and effect, with intent.

    Let's say you are right that something had to create something...that still doesn't mean that the "creation" was in any way an *intentional* or *thoughtful* one. To give an example, a cloud "creates" raindrops, but there is no special "why" to the process. It doesn't make raindrops to cancel parades, to wash our cars, or to nourish our crops. It makes raindrops because under certain physical conditions, natural processes will cause water molecules to clump around a seed particle until they are too heavy to remain airborne and they fall to the ground. They would never exist without clouds, but the fact clouds make raindrops does not make that an "intentional" process. Something WHOLLY NATURAL could have given rise to the universe with no intentional design whatsoever.

    Second, you are comparing the physical laws that occur WITHIN our universe to the physical laws that may have existed BEFORE our universe--laws that may have been VERY different.

    Yes, WITHIN our universe cause leads to effect and all effects have a cause. But whatever conditions gave rise to our universe may have operated on totally different physical laws--and the math actually supports this. So what is actually illogical is assuming that whatever we know about THIS universe is consistent in all conditions OUTSIDE this universe. Now, maybe there is an external intelligence, but there may also be no intelligence and merely different external laws.

    "even if the answer is unanswerable by science, logic, or reason, does that mean there is no answer?"

    Depends. You can spend your life looking for the answer to "When color is your favorite invisible book?" if you want because that is unanswerable by science, logic, and reason as well. Granted, it is a purely gibberish question, but that's pretty much what "WHY is there a universe" is, too, in my opinion. It is a gibberish, invalid question to be asking--and thus a waste of my time to deal with.

    With seven BILLION people on the planet now and BILLIONS more before them, and NOT ONE SINGLE ONE OF THEM has ever provided a universally agreed upon answer to that question...what makes you think you'll figure it out? I know I won't.

    How will you ever know if you are right and what *really* changes if you figured out which option is right?

  • Corey
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    "Its illogical to think that nothing produces something. Something has to produce something."

    Why? That presumption will lead you to infinite regress. If we don't know something, then making a presumption might preclude you from considering an accurate explanation.

    "even if the answer is unanswerable by science, logic, or reason, does that mean there is no answer? Does that mean we should not occupy ourselves with finding the answer?"

    Absolutely not. Seeking the answer is superb. Claiming to know the answer because you don't know the answer is not seeking the answer. It's presumption. It doesn't matter if you imagine up a really cool magical being or beings and claim they made the universe. It's still unsubstantiated fantasy. And it closes your mind to actual possibilities.

    Scientific inquiry is the best method to finding answers. Because science is demonstrable and testable (there are avenues for falsifiability). And our scientific knowledge continually increases and becomes more accurate. Just because there is no test for a hypothesis today doesn't mean there won't be one tomorrow, next year, or in the next decade. We've learned so much about the universe we inhabit in the past century or two, and we continue to build on that knowledge.

  • Nobody knows why. Does it really matter? It does which is all that matters. There will most likely never be a totally satisfactory answer to your question of why the universe exists as it's our human nature to want things to be for a reason. Just because we want things to be for a reason doesn't necessarily make it so or mean that there's a reason to it all as sometimes things just don't make sense and we need to just go with it.

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    We don't know.

    That's essentially asking why isn't there nothing, and we aren't in any position to know that as yet.

    It doesn't mean there's no answer - it just means we don't know it yet.

    We do have a number of hypotheses, but we lack the ability to test them so far, so they remain as speculation. It's an area of active research just now.

    What we can say is that there was never a state of nothing, as time itself is not nothing. Hence any state of nothing would mean no time, and that could not be *prior* to any state of existence.

    So we can rule out any 'coming into' existence, but we don't know why it exists.

  • To give a home to God's children.

    Kind of makes me wonder why these questions are asked though.

    Father + Children = Family.....

    a family needs a home therefore Home = Universe.

    Do not understand completely the difficulty, but accept it is valid question, none the less.


    Edit l:

    Wesley B. has a similar thought, it is the "why" part of the question that has me puzzled.

    There is no answer possible.

    The questions "why?" and "from where" the "initial cause" came from remains unprovable.

    In the future, an answer will be provided with proof........

    For God has promised to reveal Himself.

    Edit ll:

    And to address your additional thought, which I can do to a limited degree, because your logic in trying to understand this issue is similar to mine:

    Let me give this a try....

    Atheists, prove "singularity" is real.................................. they can not

    Atheists, prove what came before the "singularity"........... they can not.

    Atheists, prove life comes from a "singularity rock"........... they can not.

    Atheists, prove life comes from any kind of "rock"............. they can not.

    Theists, prove God is real ...........................................… they can not.

    Theists, prove what came before God............................... they can not.

    Theists, prove God created the Universe............................they can not.

    Theists, prove that life comes from life............................Oops??

    That I can do....... for I know where babies come from.

    Good grief...... the only "prove-able reality" is that life can create other life.

    Michelle, fiercely independent Irish Christian Eschatologist.

  • AMM
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    9 years ago

    To ask "why" is to make a false assumption about the Universe. It doesn't exist for a reason. In our daily lives, we expect things to happen for a reason, but that's not really the way things work. We shouldn't stop trying to figure it out, but we should understand our own assumptions and limitations.

  • 9 years ago

    There are two purposes for this area of adventures in limitation that we tend to call 'the' Universe:

    1) Entertainment, and

    2) Education.

    They are really the same thing, it is just that some volitionals find education so entertaining that they purposely forget all they have learned from their previous adventures in limitation in order to learn it again.

    Source(s): Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, by Richard Bach; Job: A Comedy of Justice, by Robert Heinlein
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    None of us knows completely why. God, out of love and the motivation to create and infinite knowledge and miracles working, was able to put it altogether, and he did. Science did not do it. God, an intelligent Creator is the one who created it all.

  • 9 years ago

    we are in a universe ok eventually all the stars will burn out and there will be nothing but blackness unless somehow the theres a giant black hole that in time will draw everything together and will collapse on each other but with all that energy it might explode recreating the universe

    know one knows trully

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