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man came from monkey right. then by now no monkey shud exist?

in that case even unicellular organisms shouldnt....can anybody explain abt this evolution

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    No, you're looking at evolution the wrong way. It's not like a ladder leading up to humanity. It's more like a branching tree. Monkeys are simply on a different branch - not higher or lower than us, just different. Our intelligence is just one survival strategy, but it's incredibly costly (our brains account for 20% of our bodies' energy use, and they're very vulnerable to damage). We get by by being smart, just as other species get by by being fast, tough, or by reproducing quickly.

    We didn't evolve from monkeys. We evolved from a common ancestor, that was as different from modern monkeys as we are. Monkeys just happen to be close evolutionary relatives. Also, it's important to realize that species don't evolve together as one unified group - it can be split up into many different sub-groups that follow their own evolutionary path. Saying that monkeys shouldn't exist is like saying that, since I descended from my grandfather, then my cousins shouldn't exist.

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    The important thing to remember about evolution theory is that individuals do not evolve. Instead, traits in a POPULATION become more or less frequent.

    To illustrate this, say we have two dishes of the same bacteria. One dish will be called population 1 and the other population 2. We expose population 1 to some radiation, whereas population 2 remains as they are in the dish. Over time, the bacteria in population 1 will be more resistant to radiation because the weak bacteria died and those that were able to survive it reproduced and made more bacteria that can survive. But the bacteria in population 2 did not die due to radiation, so both the weak and the resistant bacteria exist in that dish. We now have an evolved form of bacteria, and the original species.

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    Humans and primates are believed to have both evolved from one common ancestor. The human is not thought to have evolved from monkeys or primates at all.

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    Americans came from Britons, yet Britons still exist.

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    how do people NOT get this? man didn't come FROM monkey. could you really explain to yourself why we had gorilla-man and monkey-man and chimpanzee-man?! COME ON! we EVOLVED from a TYPE OF MONKEY.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    man didnt come from a monkey thats a theory

    I believe man came from god

    not a fkn monkey

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    Even creationists don't support that one.

    Source(s): Arguments we think creationists should NOT use
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