I found a dog and the previous owner wants her back?

I found this puupy more than a month ago, lost in a park, all dirty, with fleas and smelling like she had eaten a dead animal. She had a tag but they weren´t answering the phone. God knows what she had been eating because I´ve never smelled an animal that would poop with a worst smell, it literally made me vomit. Anyway I was able to contact her previous owners a few days later and she said that she had taken the dog for a walk without a leash and the puppy run too fast for her, she said she didn´t worry about her because she knew that her being a pure breed puppy someone would take her in and since she soiled the carpet and ate cables they couldnt keep her. So I took her in, got her dewormed and gave her, her shots, she sleeps in my bed, has a brand new hair cut and I potty trained her, and taught her the commands sit, stay, down, come and play dead. Well I took her for a walk yesterday and ran into her old owner, she saw us when I was training her and approached us and said that her daughter had been crying for the puppy and that she wanted her back, I told her she couldnt have her, that what she did to her was animal cruelty and that the puppy had been living with me for more than a month and that I had payed for her vet. When she approached my dog didnt even recognize her, but I am worried, I do not own any of her papers aside from her vet vaccines card, any advice please?


@sexysweet her dog wasnt stollen, she lost her dog on purpose, because she didnt know how to train her and didnt care for her well being, not that the dog is trained she wants her back, after I spent hundreds of dollars on her treatments and vaccines. How is that not animal cruelty? How can a three month old pup outrun a fit 30 year old adult? Since I´ve had her she´s never ran away from me, on the contrary she never leaves my side, even if I go to the bathroom she waitd outside.

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    You did everything right.. that woman cannot possibly win the dog back. The vet saw how the dog was right? get the vet to write a statement about it, detailing the dogs condition. Hand this woman a copy and ask her what court is going to place a dog back in the hands of someone who allowed it to get in that condition. Also get copies of all the vet treatment you have provided the dog and the bills.

    Papers don't matter worth a damn.. it's probably a puppy mill dog or BYB dog anyway.. because no real responsible breeder would have let someone keep one of their puppies in that condition.

    Make a police report about the incident, so that you have a written record of things if it does come to court. Call your local SPCA or Humane Society and ask them for advice about it. Write a letter to the editor to your local paper, telling your story.. You can't put names in it, but if the public knows you saved this dog and from what kind of treatment, most likely this lady will stick her head in the mud with shame and slither off to find another poor dog for her beastly children.

    You did the right thing.. the dog is yours in more ways than the law can ever decree.

  • 9 years ago

    I see no reason at all to give her back that dog unless she is willing and able to fully repay you in the vet bills and even if she could I would not give the dog back. If a person does not claim their dog within one or two weeks of the dog going missing than they've given up ownership of that dog. Also since she decided that you could have the puppy she now has no claim whatsoever to the puppy. If her daughter is so unhappy about losing her puppy the mother should have thought about that before telling you that you could keep the dog. I have a feeling even if she tried to take this to court the judge would quickly rule in your favor. If you are called into court bring all the vet bills and anything else you've done for that puppy to show that you are a better owner than it's old owner. As long as you continue talking care of the puppy there is no reason to re-home it, even if the lady was its first owner. The dog appears to like you more anyways.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    nope not stolen a adopted by a good hearted person i wouldn't give her back you shouldn't have to the only thing she could do is take you to court and if you show the vet bills as evidence you should be good and even if your vet could testify and yea now she wants the good behaved dog that she couldn't put the time and effort into training it before.

    (to the 3 month old pup outrun a fit 30 year old adult i have a husky puppy that if she gets away there is no one who can catch her even close she is crazy fast but i doubt the lady really tried to get it back)

    she already said she could keep the dog it wasn't stolen people

  • 9 years ago

    The truth is that if you didnt get the previous owner to sign some sort of document that said she wanted you to have the dog then she can come take her back anytime she wants to, legally. However, if i were you, after seeing the condition the puppy was in I would not give her up without a fight. I bet that person will forget about the dog very soon anyway but in the mean time you should probably avoid that park.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Don't give it back (= For one thing you shouldn't walk a dog without a leash especially a 3 month old puppy. I say you should keep her/him, she obviously likes you more if she follows you and doesn't even flinch when sees old owner. Also if the owner really wanted her she would have called you back like a month ago when you called. Not suddenly want her back because she saw her with you all well- trained.

    P.S I think you should keep her

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I would say that it is not your place to step in and take someone's puppy, whether you think it was cruelly treated or not. BUT, it sounds like she didn't care if she had it or not, and now that it looks beautiful, trained, vaccinated and cared for, she wants it back.

    The story sounds like this lady is lying a lot. If you talked to her a few days after you found the dog, and she said she figured that someone would take it in, then it should be your dog. Do not give it back, and try to avoid the previous owner.

    The only action she can take if she REALLY wanted that puppy is to take you to court, and I'd like to think someone as careless as that wouldn't go through the effort.

    Thank you for taking in such a helpless life, and providing for her! Sounds like she definitely has a life she deserves.

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  • 9 years ago

    overall you have been paying for the dogs care ,food etc and the vet care not to mention the time training her since you have the receipts and it has been more than a month i would not give her back either and basically she has been been in your care for over a month and most important she gave you the dog she is your dog regardless i would not worry to much about it myself i don"t think the previous owners will follow up with it if they really wanted her back they would have gotten her when you first called just keep those receipts close by just in case

  • Shae
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    9 years ago

    You now have claim to the puppy. If the owner wishes to have the dog back she can file a claim with the court, but since she verbally agreed that you could keep the pup you have a strong case. As you have put a great deal of effort into maintaining the puppy, I would be surprised if the court ruled against you, as it would look like the previous owner was simply using you to get the animal kept up.

    Don't give him back. :)

  • 9 years ago

    Keep Her! the same thing happened to me!! I found a puppy a few months ago, at the same place in a park it was in the trash can! and i picked it up, and it looked terrible. :( i took it home gave it a bath and seen it had a collar i kept calling & calling and no one would answer, until they called me back and said they hadn't wanted the dog anymore because it wasn't a good dog and it bites. but it never has even tried to bite anyone or me, i was taking it for a walk and the woman said she wanted the dog back because her little boy and little girl was wanting him back, and I said no because you didn't take care of it, and you mistreated it. i wasn't going to give it back to her after, i had paid almost $800 for everything for the dog. she said she was going to take me to court, she did actually! wasn't no biggy, they said i could keep the dog! even though she had papers and didn't give it to me. they said it was animal abuse to leave a dog alone in the park even. so, i still have the puppy!

    So keep her! don't let anyone tell you your going to get in trouble or you have to give it back cause you don't. so, keep the poor thing and take care of it, don't give it back to someone who is going to mis-treat it!

  • 9 years ago

    Don't give the dog anymore. It's yours now coz you've paid the dog for the vet and everything. And the owner doesn't even care or worried about the dog. So, don't give it!

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