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Pre Calc: Angle Interval Question!!!!!?

It's for hw that's due tomorrow


Find them degree. I know how to find it for Sin/Cos/Tan but have no clue in this regard

Please HelP!!!

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    Cos = 1/7.3683512

    angle = Cos^-1(1/7.3683512) = 82.2 degrees

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    Let's start with the definition of secant. Secant is 1/cos.

    So, rearranging the equation in terms of secant, cos=1/sec

    Plugging in your values, cos=1/7.3683512


    Now, to find your angle, take the inverse of cos.

    Your angle is about 1.434660645 degrees.

    Source(s): Knowledge of Reciprocal Identities
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