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I gained a kilo over the past two days. Is that normal?

I've been dieting and stuff, and I lost approximately three kilos over three weeks.

Thing is, last night there was a birthday party so I had some alcoohol ... before I went, I had some noodles, and when I got there (being drunk and hungry) I snacked when it was totally unnecessary.

I get up today in the morning and I'm a kilo heavier, and I'm really disappointed. Is this normal though? Or did I just waist a week's worth of weight loss?

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    Uh DUDE. no sh*t. Do you know how many calories beer has?!! And then eating noodles and snacks... Why not just go to Hometown Buffet! hahahhaha jk dont worry. "BINGE" eating (when you eat one day in extreme proportion to your regular diet) is actually good for you if you do it like once or twice a month. your body thinks there is more food so your metabolism is sped up. MEANING.... you are now gonna lose weight slightly faster because of the burning calorie rate being faster.

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    weight loss and gain at that small of a level is usually due to water weight and since you drank booze it didn't help you get it off, especially with the junk food, just keep dieting and don't stray too often and you'll stay fit

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