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Why do I cry so easily?

I am generally happy. I used to have really bad anxiety almost agoraphobia for a few years. I used to be very depressed but over the last 12 years I got married had kids and got over most of my anxiety problems. I really love my husband and 3 kids. I am so thankful for them I couldn't ask for more in

Life. I don't cry because I'm sad I cry because emotions rub off on me. But not necessarily sadness. When a crowd cheers tears well up. When I am proud of someone, or someone is crying, or I hear a touching story it is so hard not to cry. This is very embarrassing. I have started nursing school and I'm afraid if I don't get this under control I will not be able to do my job as a nurse properly. How can I make tjis go away?

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  • 9 years ago

    Have you heard of nature vs. nurture? I'm sure we all have. Actually, it's both. Changes in the environment switch on specific genes that make people behave in specific ways. The way they react to these changes is directly related to mutations that occur in reproduction. So really the reason why you cry easily is because of mutations that occured in your parents' reproductive genes that cause you to react in specific ways only to you as a response to a change in your environment. Only you have this random mutation, and you should consider yourself a unique person because of it. Don't feel ashamed, everything we are is an accident of nature and that by far is the most beautiful thing about us. So cry, don't hold back, because it is uniquely you. (:

  • Elkay
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    9 years ago

    I am very sensitive too, so when I don't want to cry, I do math problems in my head...usually double digit multiplication. It uses the other side of the brain and the tears dry up.

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