True or False Changes of key (tonal center) in Baroque music are rare. and A feature of Baroque music was.....?

1. The approximate dates of the Baroque Period in music are

a. 1100-1450

b. 1450-1600

c. 1600-1750

d. 1750-1820

2. Terraced dynamics are

a. changes in dynamic level caused by seating sections of the orchestra on different levels

b. gradual changes in dynamic levels

c. a series of accented notes

d. abrupt changes from one dynamic level to another

3. The most influential composer of the early Baroque Period was:

a. Mozart

b. Beethoven

c. Palestrina

d. Monteverdi

4. The three main characteristics of Baroque art and music are

a. drama, intellectual content, and conciseness

b. large dimensions, drama, and religious intensity

c. religious intensity, conciseness, and drama

d. large dimensions, religious intensity, and intellectual content

5. Operas consist of:

a. recitatives, arias, and choruses accompanied by an orchestra

b. orchestras alone

c. arias and choruses

d. recitatives, arias, and orchestra

6. Except for recitatives, the rhythm in Baroque music was clearly metrical. True or False

7. Changes of key (tonal center) in Baroque music are rare. True or False

8. A feature of Baroque music was the use of terraced dynamics. True or False

9. The Adoctrine of affections@ or Adoctrine of affects@ was the belief that

a. love songs were the best type of vocal music

b. music should be played in only certain keys

c. music could project rather specific feelings

d. composers should project their personal feelings in their music

10. One of the reasons why recitative singing was developed, especially for dramatic purposes,

was that the words could be heard more easily. True or False

11. An important instrument in the Baroque period was the _________________.

a. trombone

b. piano

c. harpsichord

d. clarinet

12. A drama that is sung, is accompanied by an orchestra has costumes, actions, and scenery

is called a(n) ______________.

a. oratorio

b. cantata

c. opera

d. musical

13. Who is considered the first master of opera?

a. Monteverdi

b. Bach

c. Handel

d. Corelli

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14. Bach was famous for:

a. writing fugues

b. performing on the organ

c. writing chorales

d. all of the above

15. Handel is most famous for:

a. having 20 children

b. writing operas

c. writing oratorios

d. none of the above

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    The only one I know is number 13.

    The first master of opera was Continued on Next Page.

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    As far as lazy, cribbing cheats are concerned, you win first prize for 2011, I think.

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    I don't even know where to begin.

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