for guys with military background?

the branch u were in, did they find out u were gay or bi and sued u or anything like that for the benefits they gave u even though they kinda said ur not allowed to be gay or bi??? im wondering if theres anything i should be afraid of during and after my time as a marine.

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    9 years ago
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    With the elimination of DADT (Don't ask, don't tell), gays and lesbians (but unfortunately not transgendered at this time) can now freely serve in the armed services without threat of being discharged (at least for being gay or lesbian). So, benefits-wise, you would have nothing to be afraid of. As far as while serving, I don't believe there will be any issues; however, there are always a very small minority of yo-yo's who may look to make trouble, but I firmly believe that all of the armed services have regulations in place to prevent this (and any other) type of harassment.

    BTW: I served in the Army. No one knew--- and I had to keep it that way since at that time (early 1980's), homosexuality was an automatic bar to enlistment and was grounds for a less-than-honorable discharge for those who were already serving.

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