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child therapy and careers?

i am nearing the time in my life where i need to decide on a career. i want to make a difference in children's lives. many children out there fall victim to abuse of any kind. i'm talking 10 years old and younger. i would like to help them get through it. like a child therapist? does anyone have any information about this?

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    Different states have different requirements but in general, you can get a certification in counseling in addition to a Masters in Social Work OR a PhD in Psychology. Talk to an adviser at a university you might be interested in to discuss what route is best for what you would like to do. Good luck, there are so many children who need you!

    Source(s): I am a social work student.
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    Ohh, I don't know if this would help at all but...

    I would like to be a psychiatrist to all ages but mostly teens because I'm one right now (I'm 14) and I have a umm...very complicated life. I seriously wish that I had/have someone to help me through horrible times instead of keeping everything to myself and putting a fake smile at school everyday but I guess I'm okay with it now.

    Right now, I just help my friends who had bad experiences (family, rape, what they think they should do for about anything) and they always ask me for help. ( I can't ask them because they're the self centered type that accidentally always makes the topic about them.)

    I you really want to help kids, I think it would be better if you experienced something bad as a kid so I'll be easier to relate and knowing that just saying things won't help. You need to consider their situation and what they could do but some people just need someone to talk to. ex: my friend has a abusive dad and everyone told her, "just try talking to him." I was thinking, if you're completely scared of them to the verge to constantly wanting to run away and you can't even have a conversation without getting hurt and if you say the truth, he would prob hurt you badly then that wouldn't be the right answer.

    Source(s): I would try practicing if I would actually be able to help others first. Also, to help children, you need to be really nice and make sure they trust you which would prob take a long time. If you feel you can do all of that, then try majoring in physiology or something like that first.
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    Child psychologist or social worker. However getting more deeply u could become a hypnotherapist and deal only with children and or young teens with behavioral and or emotional problems as well as spectrum disorders like autism. Treat childhood post traumatic stress disorder and ADD and so on.

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