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Does my mare really need her feet done every 8 weeks?

My mare is 24 years old and has great feet.She used to go without shoes but since I ride her more she has shoes on.I was going to ask the farrier today but I didn't get out when he was there.She is sound and has no issues other than her left hind tendon is stretched.


I would get them done every six weeks but my farrier is the one who recommended her getting done every 8 weeks.

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    Hoof care is very important. Just because she has great feet(hooves) does not mean that you can neglect getting her hooves by not getting them done every eight weeks. It is very important.

    Also since you are beginning to ride her more and she is getting to be an older horse you do need have them checked and done every eight weeks.

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    If I were you I would have her feet done every 6 weeks. I can't remember exactly what my farrier said it was, but something in the hoof starts breaking down at about 6 weeks so it's best to redo them then instead of waiting 8 weeks like so many people do. I won't let a horse go longer than 6 weeks, even if they have slow growing hooves and the farrier just has to run the rasp over them three times.

    EDIT: Well if you tell him you want them done every 6 weeks, since you're paying him he'll do it. Just tell him that's what you want and if he won't do it, find a farrier who will.

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    So, is the issue that she purely stumbles on rocky terrain? and not the different place? while she stumbles, does she react as though she is ouchy or only stumbling? Stumbling would be stressful to diagnose without seeing the pony yet i'm going to undertaking some innovations for you. distinctive stumbling I see is through an imbalanced trim. A barefoot trim is definitely and carefully diverse from a trim that prepares a foot for a shoe. some human beings don't understand this, they supply each physique a similar trim. additionally, stumbling would be touching directly to the trim if the heels and ft are out of stability. I see too many long ft, long heels that create distinctive circulation complications. yet another component to look at is your horse's organic breakover factor and is it nicely standard for each foot. If the breakover isn't suitable and the ft are too long, your horse will continuously be stumbling? Stumbling would be a structural/skeletal issue through fact your horse has muscle soreness or misalignment interior the backbone, shoulder aspects. Has your horse ever had a nerve block interior the front legs? i've got considered this reason an enduring stumbling issue earlier through fact there's a loss of a few proprioceptive suggestion. Use deductive reasoning to discover the reason? while did it commence? Is it only on rocks? She is sweet interior the pasture? Any type of harm (new or persistent) which you recognize of? evaluate the hoof trimming. Is she balanced? Is breakover staggering? Are the ft and heels trimmed genuine? Is there a great mustang roll on the foot? Is the stumbling periodic, each and all the time, or only on rocky terrain?? it is recommended to attempt jogging and trotting some gound poles to inspire her to %. up her ft. start up this slowly even though it is an extremely good exercising and would strengthen stability. in the adventure that your horse is ouchy on rocks, positioned easyboot epics with a gator on her front ft and spot if this permits. however the type you describe her ft, i does not think of this often is the issue. It sounds greater to me like a actual issue or a trimming issue. wish you get it worked out. good luck.

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    Yes. Especially with her tendon issues.

    If you don't trim your horses hooves properly at least every 6-8 weeks you can cause a whole lot of problems with them. They can go lame among other things. Plus if you don't trim them and they grow so long that they start growing funny you're only going to need the farrier to come out sooner to fix that issue.

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    My mare has her feet done once every four weeks on the same day board is due like clock work. She is barefoot so she only gets a trim. But I wouldn't dare leave her six weeks between trims let alone eight. She is .five years old and is part draft and has fantastic feet. But you know why she has good feet? Because she gets them done all the time! If you let your horse's feet go to crap you're just going to have to work that much harder to get them back into good shape. I feel prevention is better then trying to fix the problem after it's already happened.

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    Yes, she does need them done every 6-8 weeks, especially as she is older and in work with a stretched tendon. The length of the feet can have a great deal of influence on the tendons.

    If she is not working on roads where the shoes can be worn down then you could get away with removing the shoes, trimming the foot and then shoeing back on again.

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    She needs to be done when it needs doing. That can vary from as frequently as every four weeks to longer. It can vary with the climate, season, her level of exercise, health issues, and so forth. A horse wearing shoes needs meticulous attention to assure the shoes are reset before the hoof growth creates problems, or if a shoe becomes loosened. Eight weeks would be the maximum length of time I would advise leaving a set of shoes on a horse under most normal circumstances, with six weeks being the average time between resets that most responsible owners I've known who shoe their horses have adhered to.

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    A horses hooves need to be trimmed every 6-8 weeks. Especially in older horses just so your farrier can see how her feet are doing. Horses feet grow like human fingernails and if they aren't trimmed regularly then the horse will get uncomfortable and start tripping.

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    Actually as zakit said, it is more likely every 6-8 weeks.

    In winter hoof growth slows and you may get away with 8 weeks.

    In spring their feet can grow like weeds, and so my horses get done every 5 weeks.

    They also get done every 5 weeks if they are in full time hard work.

    Of course it also depends on how much you ride, how good your horses feet are, and if they wear shoes etc, but 6-8 weeks is standard.

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    I normally have my horses feet done every 6 weeks, but I also ride every day. If you ride once or twice a week and there is no chips in her hooves then eight would be fine, unless she has abnormallyfast growing hooves.

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