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Random bruises on thighs?

I just noticed how I have 11 small bruises on my thighs. I don't remember getting in any sort of accident lately. I think it may have something to do with me barely getting over my anemia and not taking my iron supplements anymore.

Any suggestions?

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    Holy ****, are you serious? Random bruises like that can be a sign of serious illness. Like, really serious, as in, a blood condition. I very strongly recommend calling a doctor as soon as possible, who will probably want to look at you. It's possible they'll refer you to the emergency room, because there are some illnesses that cause bruises and rashes to pop up out of nowhere, and can get much worse. Yeah, I'd get that checked out ASAP.

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    You shouldget it appeared at. My mom used to get those through fact she worked with substantial diverse and young little ones chemical compounds to sparkling. Then she have been given unwell and had to head to the scientific enterprise, and stayed there for added or much less 3 months.

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