Is the sour economy Obama or Bush's fault?

Joe Biden: Obama administration–not Bush White House–owns the economy’s problems

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  • 9 years ago
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    The Obama administration is trying to be the adults and take responsibility for what happens, but truthfully still %70 of Americans blame Bush for the economy

    I do commend the Obama administration for trying to be responsible and not point fingers, but I will point out: In 2009-2010 there WAS job growth and a decline in the unemployed, the stock market was at a high of 12,000 per share. THEN the repubtards took over the Congress, job growth stopped, and declined; unemployment is back up and the stocks have dropped. I don't think it is even close to coincidence

    Source(s): mostly CNN and the stock reviews
  • 4 years ago

    beginning with the 2000 election, prevailing the electoral vote yet dropping the conventional vote by using 500,000 votes (dems are pi$$ed and Bush get a super pink aim painted on his chest). much less then 9 months after he's sworn into workplace there's a terrorist attack on our usa. presently there after G.W. Bush has the optimal approval score (~92%) of any president in our worldwide places historic previous. no be counted in case you compromise or disagree, we pass to war in Iraq. This starts a downward spiral in his approval score (~43ish%) and nationwide spending starts going up very without delay. This form maintains by using 2006. on the comparable time, gasoline fees are in straight forward terms slightly over $2 a gallon, the financial device is nice, and the housing bubble isn't bursting yet. 2007 we get a potential exchange in the senate and homestead from a republican majority to a democratic majority. Mid-2007 gasoline fees are over $2.50 a gallon, the financial device is slowing to a snails %. and the housing bubble is initiating to burst and we initiate up seeing the very own loan banking industry implode. the homestead and senate approval score is sinking (12% a point that has in no way been seen previously) quicker the GWB's and passes his previously you know it. 2008 you initiate up with a "stimulus" equipment (163 billion), bail out undergo Stearns, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, AIG, the $seven-hundred billion bailout (easily in basic terms over 860 billion with all the bells and whistles), and in the present day Pelosi needs a sparkling "stimulus" equipment (over $3 hundred billion). Yeah, i assume once you form all of it out and notice all the variety like that. It might desire to have been all GW Bush's fault! Are you that no longer able to work out any good judgment? --I don’t think of every person is say he isn’t a contributing component, yet you are able to’t say it somewhat is barely his fault. --EDIT yet another speedy word. With the homestead and senate approval scores so low, what do the dems do to help the subject? Get extra dems elected!! i ask your self how long it somewhat is going to likely be previously their score is properly in the unmarried digit?

  • 9 years ago

    3 years in, and still "bush blaming" how pathetic! The "messiah" has not lowered the seas, or reconciled with terrorists. Just wipe the egg off your face and move on. The media has finally begun to hold him at his word. Do the same, you made a mistake.....move on.

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    9 years ago

    Well.. Obama called Bush "Unpatriotic" for raising the debt ceiling in 8 years.

    Obama has done the same in 2.5. (not willing to explain decimals here)

    Gold reached record highs under Obama,

    Our Great Nation's credit rating was downgraded under Obama.

    Gold is equivalent to national failure...

    So I would say it was Obama.

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  • 9 years ago

    id say both but nothing running for the republicans worth voting

  • -v.107
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    9 years ago

    biden would say that

    but facts dont change..and they all seem to point the blame at Bush

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Who let 9-11 happen?

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    This is the stupid perspective of Americans. ITS ALL YOUR FAULTS. Every last one of you stupid Americans. After Clinton you guys have really blown it big time.

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