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For Those Who Were in the Military, Why Do I miss it?

Just wondering for people who were actually in the military and went through basic and AIT training, do you ever miss it? i know its weird, I spent so much time wanting to get out, because i hated it. but now i've been out for a couple years, and i can't help but look back and miss those years at times. I had some good memories. i dunno. Why is it that i miss some of my military years?

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    Because your first base was always the best, your current base sucks, and when you leave your last base was great! I.E. people are never satisfied.

    Also, being in the military is different/exciting. It is busy, active, and something different is always going on. Then you change to civilian life and you wake up, kiss the wife, go to work, come home, yell at the kids, watch tv, go to sleep. Repeat.

    Edited for Bo: I was the same way my last year before I retired. Basically you know it is your time to get out/retire. But I do not think of it as my family, I love civilian life. I just knew it was time for me to retire, I was the old head, it was time to pass the torch and let younger troops take over. Seems to me that is where you are at.

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    Everything was so easy in the DoD. I miss the benefits, the 72's and 96's. I miss the tax free BAH and just the easy way that friends where made. Simple Answer: The Military is the best Union that exists in the USA. And lets face it, the Tax payers paid our dues because they owed us for our service. We had this nation by the balls because we offered our lives for its freedom and our uniform spoke a better word then any traffic cop that pulled us over. It was always exciting, sleeping for hours in the hum of a C-130 for work. Going home for 14 hours on a space A flight knowing that if you missed your flight back that your supervisor had your back with a pre signed leave chit and a promise. you can't find that dedication or backing in civilian life.

    Source(s): Me, Myself, and 5 years of service in the USN.
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    Having been in 23 years..I HATE my current life...I will retire in 20 months (19 in Oct) and I am sad already...this is my family are correct.....I joined at 17 from a sh*tty background...

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    didnt you already ask this?

    yes I think you did

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