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How to get softer hair?

I'm a guy and im not entirely obsessed with getting softer hair, but I've noticed that my hair feels kind of rough compared to other dudes' hair. Some of my friends even notice. I use head and shoulder as a shampoo and whatever conditioner my mum gets from the store. My friend said head and shoulder is a pretty strong shampoo so im wondering if it's the brand of shampoo im using or something? Any help is appreciated.

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    Co-washing is great for everyone. (Basically, using conditioner instead of shampoo) It's quick, leaves your hair incredibly soft, and helps for growth (along with other things).

    Just find a conditioner you like, leave it in for anytime from 5-30 minutes (this depends on your hair type, how much hair you have, how soft you want it, how great you want it to smell ^.^).

    Deep conditioning is amazing.

    However, some people don't co-wash too often because it can clog your scalp and provide too much oils making your hair look heavy. It's reccomended 2-4 days a week. Some do it everyday. Some do it twice a day. It's really your perogative and your hair. Don't be afraid to experiment. Great attracts EVERYBODY :D

    Source(s): Experience, Google "co-washing" and get a billion results.
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    You might be right on the type of shampoo that you're using; Head & Shoulders is designed to prevent dandruff, so that might have some adverse effects on your hair. However, leaving conditioner on your hair for a few minutes while you shower will definitely make your hair feel softer. The hot steam from the shower makes your hair more susceptible to the chemicals you put on it, so if you leave conditioner on while you wash, it will soak the strands more thoroughly.

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    Use the same brand of shampoo you are using for the conditioner. It's not healthy for your hair to keep swiching conditioners of different brands.

    For softer hair, leave conditioner in for about 2-3 minutes and rinse it out.

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    I don't think you are supposed to use that shampoo every time you shampoo. Use a regular shampoo, drugstore or salon brand...depends on how much you want to spend but you should focus more on a good conditioner. Herbal Essence or Aussie for drugstore and Redken Allsoft or Biolage for Salon brands would be a good place for you to start.

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    You may want to try different brands of conditioner and see which one works best for you.....trying letting it sit in your hair for a while instead of just rinse out let set for five mins

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