there is song-video that is a few years old that is about the 80's by a male and it has a cameo of Alf in it?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Eminem - We Made You

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    Alf appears at 2:56 on his t-shirt


    In the movie- Hot Tub Time Machine, an appearance is made by Alf on a tv screen while a song is playing in the background.

    The featured scene (

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    ) begins with the song " Perfect Way".

    When Alf has his cameo; "Safety Dance" is playing.

    Scritti Politti - Perfect Way

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    Men Without Hats - Safety Dance

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    Two more songs were sampled in that specific scene. One after Perfect Way and one after Safety Dance. A full list of the songs used in the film are at the link below.

    I was under the assumption you were looking for a music video. Used as strong theme throughout the video in its entirety; Eminem's Parody of Bret Michaels' Rock of Love is the opening and end scene. Considering Poison was a huge 80's band, a wrong conclusion was made.

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