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Guppy swimming at bottom of tank?

I have had 2 Guppies in a 2 gallon tank for over a year. It had been a while, like 5 months, since I've changed the water and I finally did it. Right before I did I noticed one of the little guys was really just sitting at the bottom breathing, he has a hard time making it to the top. He is still at least trying to eat and I saw him poop. He's not floating upside down or vertically, he just likes to rest at the bottom and he's breathing harder. The other one is perfectly fine.

Anyone know any possible causes? Is it a bladder condition? Any ideas on what I can do to make him all better? I;m thinking about separating him from the other guys and giving him a salt bath. Bad idea?

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    I recently had the same case with one of my female guppies, this is very common case with many live barer fish. Usually the harder they breathe, the closer they are to death, (usually with in 42 hours). It's usually caused by stress or bad water quality. What u can do is raise the water temperature and separate the guppy in a LARGE area, if u separate him in a small container or something it will stress him out more. To prevent this situation from happening again, you should go to your local pet shop or aquarium store (or buy online if u cant find it) and purchase "NUTRAFIN cycle", i use and it works like a charm! ;) It matures and reduces fish loss LOTS! And its also good to clean the tank at a maximum of every 2-3 months. Good luck!


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