why can't I upload long videos to youtube anymore?

For some reason youtube has just ripped me off. I had the ability to upload videos of any length of time. Now it says I am limited to 15 minutes max. I tried to upload a 34 minute video and it wouldn't play it. But I have a 27 minute video that still plays that I uploaded before it said this. What gives? What happened? How do I get my upload limit lifted again? Why was it put in place?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You cannot get your upload limit lifted without having a proper reason to do it, such as a news license or advertising license.

    It was done to stop dumb people putting up videos that are way too long and are of useless stuff, otherwise youtubes hardrives would be getting way too full all the time.

    Normally its a max of 10 mins so your lucky to get 15.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Oh, guys, you should note, now youtube limit the single video length MAX 15 mins, and limit the single video size MAX 2GB, only youtube partner can upload a video which is longer than 15mins or larger than 2gb. So if your video is longer than 15mins, you'd better cut your long video to multiple short parts to fit youtube requirement, then upload them on youtube, you can follow me to use Youtube Movie Maker to help you, just run Youtube Movie Maker, select "Upload Video", add your long video into the file list, then split the long video to multiple short parts through setting new starttime and endtime, then press "Convert&Upload" button, the software will auto split long video to multiple short parts and upload them onto youtube successfully, and it also can be used to make and upload youtube videos from various videos, pics, musics, texts, etc. you can download it from makeyoutubevideo.com, hope it can help you.

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