how much easier is college than university?

so im in first year uni and i hate it. im failing miserably and i've already fallen very far behind. i think that i made the wrong decision going to university. i got high marks in high school (80%+ in almost every course) but honestly it was because i just worked really hard. i didn't really UNDERSTAND most of the stuff i learned. i only understood the basic ideas and practical examples (in subjects like math and chemistry). im really struggling now as a result.

so how much easier is college? and more importantly, will it benefit me more? i personally think that i would excel in college because i effortlessly aced the few "college level" courses i took in high school. but idk what do u think?

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  • Todd
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    9 years ago
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    Before you do anything, go see a counselor (not the psychological kind, but the people that work in admissions and deal with other student problems). They can give you sound advice.

    Going to a college is not really different than attending a university unless it is a trade school.

    Secondary schooling is supposed to be hard. It's designed to test your mettle. You can have a 4.0 at high school but fail miserably in your first year of college. I think you'll find a rhythm that eventually works if you don't bite off more than you can chew.

    High schools are too easy recently, offering up APs and college equivalents like candy, mostly to demonstrate they are successful and deserve funding. Most universities and colleges, when they say it's an advanced class, they really mean it.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    NO! I have a Bachelor's Degree and tons of additional credit for my trainer certification. Most group faculties have a repute to look after. They wish individuals to wait their college too. But, if Universities don't be given group university credit, the group university might move bankrupt! As a influence, the group university should be definite that the scholar can tolerate the Math, English and different stuff from the University. So, ordinarily the paintings is only a tough. HOWEVER, I have got to say, group faculties quite often have much less scholars in each and every elegance. As a influence, academics can awareness to your demands larger and will spend a small period of time additional to your questions, however God support you if you're in a newbies college discussion board type lecture corridor and there are three hundred of you at school that day and you have got a query. It's tough for the professor to quit and reply you. However, quite often categories have Labs and also you must attend Lab as good, you'll have a TA (academics assistant) giving the lab, you'll get plenty of questions spoke back there. It all works out sooner or later. So do not be petrified of going to the college, it is plenty of FUN! Trust me!

  • 5 years ago

    In Canada, College is considered one level above High School, but one level below University.

    College was definitely easier.

  • 9 years ago

    Depends how the college is. If its actually a good one, it will challenge you as much as university, perhaps more. If its a joke, it will be easier. But to be honest, college > highschool. Highschool is a joke compared to the real deal. College is harder and faster so of course you are struggling. You haven't adapted yet. It happened to me my first semester. What you should do is stick it out and adapt, you'll find it easier in a few months

    Source(s): Community college student, then transferred to ucla
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  • Damien
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    5 years ago

    I been to both, theyre both equally hard.

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