For the long term who should I have on my fantasy team?

On my fantasy football team I have pierre thomas as a backup. Reggie Bush is available on waivers. Which would be the best for long term? By the way I do have 3 high quality running backs. just trying to get bye week depth. Also nate burleson or Denarious Moore long term? thanks!

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  • 9 years ago
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    dont listen to him when he says that reggie bush is more reliable than thomas. Niether is more reliable than the other. both are outshined by other rb's on their team. Reggie bush completely lost his job to daniel thomas. thats who you should pick up if you could. if not then i would rather have thomas although he wont get you much. Sproles is used mainly for screens, and ingram is outshining thomas. Thomas and Bush are in the same situation. I just think New Orleans will be up more than the Dolphins will so choose Thomas

    Also, i would get Moore if i were you. He is doing good for now and burleson is like #4 depth on his team now.If you could though, i would get Jacoby Ford of the raiders as he was there #1 last year and is coming back this week. he should be available for you seeing as he hasn't played once.

    Get Ingram or Daniel Thomas over Bush and Pierre. if not get Pierre

    get Jacoby Ford if you can, if not get Moore

  • 9 years ago

    due to the fact that pierre thomas is overshadowed by sproles and ingram, i believe reggie is the way to go. although pierre has been consistent with a few carries per game, reggie will have breakout games because miami will need to rely on him bc they cant rely on henne.

    also, nate burleson has been pretty good but stafford seems to be favoring pettigrew and titus young, an of course calvin johnson. B/c the raiders cant rely on darren mcfadden to do everything, i believe it will be jason campbell's job to expand their offensive game, and i think that is possible. more moore!

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