Would this guy actually date me if he gets with every girl?

Ok so theres this guy ryan and hes like a "player" but he doesnt try. So were lab partners in AP bio and he doesnt talk much cuz hes hella like jocky and stuff. So lemme give a brief description of ryan. Hes tall buzz cut sexiest green eyes hottest swimmers body and he wears these glasses that make him look smart yet baadasss. So ya pretty much every girl at my high school drools over him. So anyway he doesnt talk very much in AP bio and in general hes one of those guys who gets girls without saying a word to them. but yesterday we had a lab and we were burning something and these asian girls were looking at the results and I was like hey can I see it and they hella ignored me so ryan was like "ay let Shae look at it" and he took it out of ther hands and gave it to me and I told him thanks but he didnt have to do that and he was like "Im just lookin out for ya" and he smiled at me and I smiled back and then he leaned close and tucked my hair behind my goggles then sat back down and went on his phone the rest of the period. This is the first time ive actually talked to him and I cant stop thinking about him. Do you think he likes me or am i gettin my hopes high?

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    9 years ago
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