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What Do You Think About Titanic Being Released In 3D On the big Screen?

Titanic being released in 3D this spring. What do you think? i personally am very excited. I have never seen the movie on the big screen, so i'm looking forward to that. and i think its just going to be awesome! what do you think?

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    I think that for those who never saw it on the big screen will be tempted by the big screen 3D release, but for those who did, who probably also own it on DVD and seen it more times than they remember I am not sure whether they will really bother. I know personally that I’m not bothered by it being released in 3D and won’t bother with seeing it again.

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    Really! thats cool

    it would add more affect

    like the ship coming at you

    i hope leonardo dicaprio's face is next to mine

    thats probably as close as i will ever get to him

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