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What are the most common types of bikes used for marathons? Road, Mountain, or Hybrid? Can all three types be?

Which is the best, second, and third choice of the three types to use for a marathon?

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    Well, bike races aren't called marathons, that's just for running.

    The short answer is just road bikes for anyone racing seriously. There isn't really a good second choice.

    That having been said, I've seen people use other types of bikes for a smaller triathlon, but those folks are usually just doing it once to have said that they've done it. It is not ideal to use anything but a road bike. You have to work harder for the same return with other bikes because the wider tires grab more and the gearing is different.

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    In Italy and in France and some other parts of Europe and the world I am sure, a Gran Fondo is also known as a Cycling Marathon.

    As far as common the Road Bike will dominate and by far the most common.

    Then TT or triathlon style bikes would be the next choice and more common than the two you name

    Hybrids would most likely be next particularly if you consider a mountain bike with street style tires a hybrid as I do. While some might make the argument this is not true because a hybrid is sold that way and has no suspension and rigid forks. In my view with my forks locked out and street tires on the bike it performs just like a hybrid.

    Mountain bikes with knobby tires particularly full suspension would be the least popular.

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    A marathon is a 26.2 mile footrace. Bikes are not involved.

    A triathlon is a swim, bike, run race. Distances vary. Most triathlons permit a variety of bikes. There are limitations, eg, you can't use fairings or recumbents. Visit usatriathlon.org to see the rules of the sport of triathlon. If you'e just interested in finishing, use whatever you have.

    For those actually trying to win, a triathlon specific machine is necessary. Failing that, some get by with aerobars on a decent road bike. You would lose far too much time on a hybrid or mtb to be competitive. There are a few off-road triathlons where a mountain bike would be the weapon of choice.

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    A marathon is a running event. The best bike for long distances like a century ( 100 mile ) ride is a road bike. They are very efficient and comfortable to ride long distances. A hybrid would be second and a mountain bike with road or slicks would be last.

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    A road bike is going to have a huge advantage over any of the other bikes as far as rolling resistance. Everyone has their own opinion but I would say that the mtn bike will have 20% more drag than a road bike and the hybrid 10% more drag.

    Also, the gearing system will have a higher potential top speed on the road bike. On many downhills or when trying to keep up with faster riders on the flat, the mtn and hybrid bikes will run out of gear and you will be pedaling like mad and the people on road bikes will easily pedal away from you.

    Source(s): Coached USCF riders and owned a bicycle shop for 19 years.
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    for TRIATHLONS or road races the most common bike type is a standard drop bar 'racer' bike. Rarely, do you see a competitor in any other type except a specific Time Trail / Tri bike. Most competitors just ad a couple of water bottle cages and a set of aero bars to their drop bar road bike. A hybrid, much less a mtn bike, would be a terrible disadvantage!


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    Different Types Of Marathons

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    You don't bike in a marathon, unless you are part of the staff supporting the race. If that were the case you could ride whatever you wanted, I would assume.

    If you are talking about a 26.2 mile bike ride, then you can also ride whatever you prefer, but a road bike would be fastest.


    Hippie is right if you meant triathlon.

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    marathon is for running

    any road race winner [ie tri or biathlon] will be riding a road bike

    they are so m uch faster than any other bike - -on the road

    and there are also triathlon bikes, which are also racing road bikes but even more specialized and $$$$$$


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    You mean a triathlon? There is no 1st, 2nd & 3rd choices. There is only one choice - a good, lightweight road bike with aero bars. Anything else is a waste of time.

    Example photo on link below. Got a few thousand dollars?

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