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Pros and cons to circumcision?

My husband is circumcised and since I am pregnant with a little surprise, the talk about circumcision came up. He's all for it, I'd rather get more information. ANY pros and cons, no matter how trivial, would be great. Thanks!

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    Your best bet is to visit Circumcision Decision-Maker. It was written especially for expectant parents wanting concise information on circumcision and intact care. It has more information than could be presented here.

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    Any pro of circumcision is purely cosmetic. Despite what someone's "health teacher" may say, not a single medical organization in the US or even the world recommends it. This includes the American Academy of Pediatrics, The American Medical Association, and the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Medicaid in the US no longer pays for it in 17 states. 80% of the world population is NOT circumcised. The Dutch equivalent of the AAP even states that circumcision is a violation of human rights. If it were truly so much better to circumcise, none of these facts would exist.

    The cons: Circumcision is surgery. Like all surgery, it has risks. These can range from minor (such as adhesions) up to major and could include dangerous complications such as excess bleeding or even death. Is that really something you want to put a child through without any medical need?

    Furthermore, there is a lot of compelling evidence that circumcision removes the most sensitive part of the penis and removal of this tissue leads to a higher incidence of problems such as painful or bleeding erections, premature ejaculation, and a rate of erectile dysfunction over 4 times higher than that of an uncut man. (It is also interesting to note that the US, the most circumcised 1st world nation, also consumes the most Viagra.)

    Hopefully the links below will help you come to a decision. I would also suggest that you speak with a pediatrician or at least one medical professional whom you trust before reaching a final decision. Good luck with your pregnancy!

    *** Also, I did not read any other answers but please disregard any response from any user who cites "" as a source. This site is linked to circumfetish pornography. Naturally, people who get sexual gratification from being circumcised or watching/performing circumcision are going to have lovely things to say about it.

    Source(s): Insight into why your husband is all for it: pros and cons from a medical perspective: myths about circumcision you likely believe: why is not credible:
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    I highly suggest doing thorough research on circumcision, including the history of the procedure. You could start by looking up John Harvey Kellogg.

    I wouldn't do it because the medical "pros" are small (slightly reduced risk of: UTIs, HIV and penile cancer [one of the rarest forms of cancer in existence], as well as a practical guarantee that the boy will never experience phimosis [which is the tightening of the foreskin- this can usually be alleviated via manual stretching and/or steroid cream]).

    The pros to leaving your son intact are:

    -no chance of your baby dying (in the U.S. alone, about 220 baby boys die every year due to circumcision. These deaths are 100% unnecessary. 100% avoidable).

    -your son won't deal with adhesions (extremely common), infections, swelling or any other problem that circumcision can possibly cause.

    -your son is given bodily autonomy, and he keeps a whole healthy body. He can make the decision as to whether he wants to remove a totally normal and healthy part of his body.

    With a push from me, my hubby did research (including watching a vid of the procedure), and he is now against it.

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    Congrats on expecting...

    Your husband really does not know the protection, sexual function and pleasure that these parts provide the owner.

    No one that is at all credible claims there are no functions to the penis parts cut off. However, the sexual function and pleasure are ignored or downplayed by the penis parts removal pushers. The long term harm is huge with nerve damage and harm to the sensory system. A whole range of sensation and sexual and protective function are lost. The lips and fingertips have similar touch sense. To take this away from another person without their consent is heinous.

    National medical associations DO NOT recommend infant circumcision. Most note that there is no health benefit and that it causes HARM. The alleged benefits are contrived by people trying to keep the practice going – they want to pass it on to the next generation.

    There is no data that shows HIV, HPV or any STD change or any real benefit to cutting off parts of a baby boys penis in the US, EU JP.... Even in Africa (with water issues) about the same number of cut men and natural penis men have HIV. Real world studies how that a man with a natural penis is at no higher risk of HIV and HPV.

    The idea that natural penis boys have more infections is part myth and part BAD medical advice. It is now known that boys that are natural should not have their foreskin touched by others. The US medical advice was to pull it back and scrub with soap. That causes problems including infections.

    Infant boys are EASIER to care for when they are natural (intact). The foreskin does not retract until late childhood or even puberty, so you do nothing special, just wipe the outside of his penis clean and leave it alone. Furthermore, to prevent painful and bleeding erections later in life, doctors are now commonly leaving more skin behind- in a cut boy this means you may have to push the left over skin back at every diaper change and clean beneath it to prevent it from adhering or infecting. The very thing that mother's think they avoid by circumcising!

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    all circumcision does is scar and dry the penis, nothing else

    americans push circumcision with lies and say its good for some reason, but muslims use the same logic to circumcise fact, they do and promote female circumcision exactly the smae way americans do for males

    circumcision is NOT hygienic and does NOT reduce STDs. in fact, countires with the most circumcised men (the US and middle east) have higher STD rates than countires that does NOT circumcise...but americans seem to always look past that fact

    when he gets a little older just teach him to pull back and wash and dry the head, takes 2 seconds

    Source(s): smart american
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    Just don't do it, Please. No health benefits, loads of problems.

    If you have any respect for the man your son will one day become, you won't mutilate any parts of his body. Please be considerate and don't chop off body parts from your son for selfish reasons. Less than 30% are getting circumcised in the States nowadays. Throughout the world only about 15% of men are circumcised.

    ^^^ Shows cultural bias, the excuses people use to justify male circumcisions in the States are also the same excuses people use in other countries to justify female circumcision.

    Source(s): Circumcision doesn't prevent stds at all. The western world has way higher rates than places that don't circumcise at all.
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    Look up the definitions of foreskin, torture, and mutilation.

    You should find that the foreskin has specialized cells not found elsewhere, provides many special sensitive sensors, and protection for the penis.

    Now apply this knowledge to the definitions of torture and mutilation to see that forcibly restraint the child for removal of such a body part against his will confirms this definition. Also, since this removal takes the specialized cells mentioned in the definition of the foreskin, the definition of mutilation is also confirmed.

    Talk with your husband, perhaps he has not done sufficient research, or is afraid to confront his own mutilation. Don't give up. You are the parents, and should value your role of protecting your new son until he can decide for himself.

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    Pros (or not)

    It's cleaner - A circumcised boy will still have to wash his penis once a day like an intact boy. It takes 5 seconds to wash an intact penis.

    It slightly reduces the risk of STD's - But condoms totally eliminate STD's. Circumcised boys can still get STD's- they are not immune.


    Circumcision comes with many risks, even death. Circumcised boys can suffer from penile adhensions, tight erections, hair pulled up from the scrotum onto the shaft, dry glands, scar tissue. Babys have been reported to die from bleeding too much and cardiac arrest.

    Your son will be in the minority - 85% of the World are intact, 32% of newborn boys in US circumcised in 2009.

    It removes his right of choice - What will you do if your son grows up and resents you for circumcising him? You cannot say you researched it and based your decision on that- because research and common sense is saying circumcision is harmful.

    It is extremely painful - As a mother, i could not possibly imagine my son strapped down naked to a board while a doctor cuts up his genitals while he screams in pain.

    Source(s): 3 kids, 2 intact sons
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    There is no medical reason to get a circumcision. It is purely for cosmetic reasons. It is thought that men who are circumcised are able to keep the area cleaner.

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    Please leave your son intact, the circumcision rate in the USA is less than 30% as of 2010 and about 85% of the population is intact. Not one health organisation recommends routine infant circumcision as it is not medically needed and has serious risks.

    People don't realise how harmful circumcision is, it kills hundreds every year, it is pushed by certain doctors in countries like the USA, where health care is a for-profit business because it makes alot of money, the foreskins are sold on to pharmaceutical firms and skincare firms to put into various products. One foreskin can make as much as $100,000.

    The foreskin contains 20,000 nerve endings and is extremely sensitive, compare that to the clitoris that contains 7,000. Removing the foreskin takes away these nerve endings and leaves the glans exposed, over the years this cause desensatisation because it is constantly rubbing on various fabrics and is exposed 24/7. This makes sex less pleasurable. Studies show that when having sex with a circumcised man, the natural lubrication in the vagina is lost easily because the foreskin is a natural gliding stimulator of the vaginal walls during intercourse, increasing a woman's overall clitoral stimulation and helping her achieve orgasm more quickly and more often. Without the foreskin's gliding action, it can be more difficult for a woman to achieve orgasm during intercourse. Also, circumcised men tend to thrust hard into a women to feel more sensation which is painful and uncomfortable. I have spoken to men who were circumcised at birth and feel literally nothing when having sex because the frenulum was removed. Hundreds of thousands of men are currently restoring their foreskin to get sensitivity back.

    Another function of the foreskin is to protect from infections. The foreskin is fused to the head of the penis at birth to stop germs getting in, it retracts naturally between the ages of 3 and 18, then simply needs to be pulled back and wiped with water. When the foreskin is removed it is an open wound, so its harder to stop germs and infections until it completely heals. Females are much more likely to get UTI's and other infections, they are not reasons to cut off a healthy, functioning part of your body.

    Modern circumcision became widely used because of Dr John H Kelloggs who started circumcising boys and girls to stop them getting pleasure from masturbating.

    On average 117 babies die every year from circumcision in the USA alone due to burst lungs from screaming, blood loss and heart failure. Only 4% of boys are given appropriate anesthesia to help numb the horrific pain because the anesthetic itself is so dangerous to give to a newborn it can kill them.

    The myths to do with cleanliness are not true, all you do is wipe the foreskin with water, like you would to clean your finger. You do NOT retract to clean beneath the foreskin until it happens naturally.

    PLEASE NOTE: Here are a list of circumfetish sites that certain people will try and get you to look at, they are sponsored and run by peadophiles who get aroused by circumcision, there beliefs stem from studies done by Brian Morris and Edgar Schoen, who believe circumcision should be mandatory. Health organisations, pediatricians and doctors have warned that his studies are 'extremely biased, dangerous' and a serious disservice to parents'. Brian Morris' website links to 8 circumfetish websites, and 7 websites that sell devices to perform circumcision surgery on your own. He is a member of the Gilgal Society, a group that publishes circumcision pornography, including circumcision fan-fiction stories of children being given wine and asked to masturbate while being circumcised.

    Acorn society

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