Why is my ex gf doing this?


Well she hits me with soft balls to get me to attack her.What I.mean by that is when we use to go out she would throw things at me or such as call me gay for me to Chase her an tickle Her. Now we broke up 6 months ago. She dump me. Now its like she doing everything when we use to date every 20 -15 second she would throw the soft ball at me an when I was over there she called me puckin an normally I use to call her puckin a lot but. When she dump me iv been only acting normal she told me she talks about me to her uncle.... idk why.. she would talk about how cute some famous boy is to get me mad. But I wouldn't show I was mad which she notices. She would always think she can beat me up. In a playful way. My sister asked her what game do you wanna play to.my ex she said no to both of the games my sister offered her to play like chest board games. Or dolls for that fact but my sister was being funny. After that my sister said so what do you wanna do? Or play. My ex gf said I wanna beat up legacy.

P.s she wanted us to spend the night she didnt want us to go home that night. An normally when I leave she would say goodbye to my sister an give her a hug. But instead she said bye... like if she was saying it to both of us. I wanted to give her a hug before I .left but....I didn't have the guts to.

So what do you think.? If u want I can add more details

Also she told me there's a teen boy in her school.who acts.like me. Why is she telling me this to?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I think she's messing with and playing mind games. She trying to make you jealous. She's a c0cktease.

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