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I wanna go to the marines, but all my family and friends keep telling me im going to get killed?

I really dont know what to do. Im 21 at first i was so determined to go into the marines, even though i knew there was a chance i could get killed. But last night the way all of my family and friends were talking to me about made me have second thoughts. They said i would for sure go to combat and do a tour in iraq, they said i would be killed and step on a bomb, and if a big war broke out i would be on the frontlines, that my recruiter is telling me lies to get me to join so he can get a bonus for recruiting me. I wanted to be a MP in the marines. I dont wanna sound like im scared or anything i just wanna know what im getting into. I know im risking my life but the way they were telling about the marines made it sound like suicide. None of them have ever been in the military.

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    Tell your family that they are a bunch of morons. Joining the military doesn't mean you're automatically sent to a combat zone, then outside the wire onto a road full of IEDs.

    Risking your life as an MP? I know a few blue falcons... I mean MPs... in the Corps and only one of them has a CAR (Combat Action Ribbon). Or maybe you mean you might get shot or stabbed multiple times by latino gang members out at Camp Horno or Camp San Mateo?

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    Well I understand a parents concerns about their loved ones going into a hazardous occupation such as the Marines.

    But you gotta look at it this way, you can get killed anywhere.

    My son is in the military.

    In the past 14 months he has had 4 friends he went to school with die. One was stabbed to death, one OD'd, one die about three days ago from being hit by a car while standing in front of a bar, and yesterday, another friend die (also hit by the same vehicle).

    Talk about a run of bad luck. But only of one of those deaths was a military member (one of the kids run over). But that was not a combat, or even training death.

    So, you can die at anytime, any where. There is no 100% guarantee of safety.

    Now, say you don't join. Are you going to be one of those people I always run into, who say they thought about going, but didn't? And they regretted it for the rest of their life? Always wondering, always having it eat at their guts. If your gonna live like that, you would also be better off dead.

    Source(s): 25 years service Army Infantry & USAF Security Police. Survived two hostile deployments.
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    Well you'll be much more likely to go to Afghanistan then Iraq now days. If any "big war" breaks out, it's going to be nuclear. No such thing as front lines. Joining the Marines certainly isn't suicide. However joining the military is very stressful and it's incredibly hard if you don't have the support of your family. I would wait until they'll support you through it because you'll need them.

    Source(s): A1C, USAF
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    As an MP you'll be guarding buildings, inspecting if doors are closed and locked, looking for anyone not wearing a bright yellow belt, and stuff like that. If your family knew what the life of an MP was like they wouldn't be so scared.

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    To be honest. Your death chances are higher in a automobile accident then in USMC.

    This question has been asked before. I asked this myself so i know what type of situation you're in. it took a long time to convince my parents and they are STILL a bit reluctant.

    It is better to have approval and their best wishes then disobeying them and pissing them off. But hey its your choice. If you are going to join, i wish you luck!

    By the way future warning don't sign open contracts. If you somehow get the job you will hate then don't sign it because then you can't leave. any more questions just contact my email

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    There are certain area's that you can go into as a marine. Mechanic on aircraft, medical etc. I dont think you will be killed as a mechanic

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    Well, on the other hand plenty of nobel people have died for the CEOs of this great nation.

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    4 years ago

    uh... yeah. i guess. depending on the personality of the person.

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