how do i reclaim my property that someone else lost when they filed bankruptcy?

i was selling my car to a woman in alabama, she was to pay me 200 every month, she only had 1 payment left and kept putting it off... not too long ago i got a paper in the mail saying that the car was surrendered when she filed bankruptcy chaper 13... i was wondering if i can get the car back because we had a previousely agreed arrangement, if she defaulted on a payment that i could reclaim the car.. is this still possible, if so how, btw i live in ny so i cannot go to the meeting of creditors, can i get a substitute?

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  • 9 years ago
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    You won't get more than she owed you for the car. You have to file some legal paperwork that says that she owed you a legitimate debt. It will quite likely cost you more than the amount that she owed you.

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