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period blood!!?

okaaaaaay, so. this is probably going to be long... but PLEASE read. im freaking out.

so, ive been on birth control (loestrin 24 fe) since march.

ever since i started it, my periods completely stopped. my gyno said that this was perfectly fine.

but yesterday i randomly started my period, and it was allllll blood clots. and the pain was excruciating. they werent normal period cramps, they were sharp pains.

im a major hypochondriac so im completely freaking out about this. my chest started hurting earlier, but im hoping it was just a panic attack because it went away. my right calf feels really tight though. and my stomach hurts.

i have a gyno appointment tomorrow, so i was really just wondering what other people think it might be so i know what to expect. im terrified. im losing sleep over this.

oh and if it 18. 5"7, 115 lbs.... i smoke weed rarely but never cigarettes.


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  • 9 years ago

    Okay first you need to stop and take deep breaths,freaking your self out is NOT going to help you calm down. The type of birth control your on stops periods for an amount of time then you have a period. You should only get 4 periods a year. Blood clots are normal especially while on birth control and cramps can be hurt a lot if you haven't had a period in awhile. Second the pain in your chest was your lungs contracting because you started to panic. The tightness in your calf is not even related to anything but a sore muscle that might have been used more than usual. The reason your stomach hurts because your making your self physically sick. STOP it. Go to your appointment tomorrow and tell your doctor everything and then LISTEN when she says every thing is fine and don't freak. stress can cause your period to act funny and that could scare you even more.

  • C J
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    9 years ago

    Menstrual clots can be normal on birth control, however they are not usually accompanied by sharp pain. Though cramps are often incredibly painful after many months of not having a period a sharp/stabbing pain is not.

    I would not worry too much, especially since you have an appointment tomorrow. Just tell your gyno what happened and consider an alternate form of birth control.

    Get rest. I don't see much of a need to worry, but if you are having panic attacks over this go to a hospital and checked out-- if only for your mental health.

  • mcclam
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    4 years ago

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