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Need help deciding on a new bike?

So I have a Venom mountain bike 21 speed but I have gotten a little tired of carrying it up and down subway stations since I travel between New Jersey and New York and mainly cycle in New York. It is a pain to carry and I do want to go a little faster. I am looking at road bikes and fixies and what not, mainly fixies though. However, the trails i ride on can have many cracks sometimes and I also rides on the streets so there's all these bumps. Should I get a fixie or some other type of road bike with multiple speeds because I sometimes like to go up and down slopes. Or should I buy a performance hybrid? I don't want to be leaning too far down onto my handlebars. I want a little uprightness when I ride. I know this might be difficult because you may need more streamline to go faster.

Please help suggest any good bikes under $450 or $500 and if you know any good local bike shops in Manhattan whose sevices don't cost a lot. Thank you.

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    My two road bikes wight 20 and 21 lbs. They are a delight to bring up and down stairs and such. I think that you should consider a light road bike for your commuting needs.

    Definitely multiple speeds, apart of on the hills, lower gears help to start moving after a stop light without putting undue force on your knees. A geared bike will give you higher top speed at 90 rpm, with a 50/12 that you can get with an all purpose, like a 39/16 one gear at 120 rpm.

    Since you want some uprightness, have the handlebar set a bit higher, as you will use mostly the bar top and the hoods, you should be ok. For city riding with many stop-and-go, I prefer to set the saddle a bit lower to reach the ground with easy. I set it higher up again for road riding. Too much uprightness is not a very good idea because the lumbar area becomes a shock absorber for the upper body weight. Better to rest some weight on the bars and have the spine like a suspension bridge instead of a column.

    For tires, on streets with cracks, try to go with a touring tire instead of a racing tire. If you carry stuff, get a rack and/or water proof panniers.

    If you go with a Trek or any major brand, you can't be doing that bad. If you buy used, buy from a bike shop, not some random stranger down the alley.

    If you know how to maintain your bike, online is an option. This is something close to your range. There are many more on that page for you to look at.

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    The only place fixies go fast is a velodrome, and only then if you use a massive gear. A road bike or hybrid is much better for your needs. If you're used to a mountain bike and will be cycling in traffic mostly then a hybrid is probably best.

    $500 is not a big budget, you might have to shop around but now is the time to do it. 2011 bikes are being cleared to make way for the 2012 models.

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    If you have slopes, I recommend getting a bike with gears, especially since you mentioned wanting to go faster.

    My preference is for road bikes, and you can get a pretty good deal on them if you shop right. One option is craigslist, but you can also go to a dealer, like Trek Superstore, and they will sell you the previous year model for a lot cheaper than the current. You can get a great starter road bike for about $600-750 this way.

    They'll get you all fitted to it as well. Make sure you tell them you aren't looking for an aggressive stance and are more concerned about comfort and they should be able to help you out. This way, if you decide you want to go faster again, you can just take it back in and have a few tweaks made.

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    You won't find a road bike for $450 to $500. You MIGHT find a performance hybrid for that amount. I would stay far, far away from fixed gear & single speed bicycles. 90% of the time (or more) you are in the wrong gears because there is only one gear or speed. You want a bicycle that can adapt or shift into the proper gear at the proper time for any road situation.

    Got an R.E.I. store around? Link below.

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