Green tea chocolate bars recipe?

Does anyone know how to make green tea chocolate bars?

sort of like the Japanese green tea kit-kats if anyone has heard of them :)

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    9 years ago
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    A:maccha powder:10g(through mesh in advance)

    A:fresh cream:40cc



    C:maccha powder:as much as you please(through mesh in advance)

    melt A by heat

    melt B by microwave gradually

    B add to A and mix it

    pour into a chocolate mold(case?)

    cool down and chill

    dust it with powdered C

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    i actually like the Cookie Cutter thought. it somewhat is nice in case you have the time to do all that baking! additionally like the ask your self bar thought. the mixture Cd element is over performed. The fortune cookie think of isn't that exciting. Ice Cream bar is undesirable for those people who're lactose-illiberal and extra than a number of alternative women i know incorporate. i like the Tea element yet some human beings do no longer do t he tea element. they might desire coffee.

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