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Is she shy or do i creep her out?

I switched study hall classes and when sitting down i noticed this Beautiful girl in the class who sites in the front all the way to the left. I just couldn't help but look at her for most of the period. I think she noticed me looking at her when she would look right i think she saw me from the side of her eye. Class ended and she left.

Next day we made eye contact in the beginning of class for a few seconds (neither of us had a smile). For the rest of the period she did work and whatever. When the bell rang she turned around and we made eye contact for another couple seconds (neither had a smile) she left.

The day after that we made eye contact in the beginning of class for a few seconds and as im about to smile she turns away. Does work for the rest of the period bell rings, i walk out the door but as im holding the door open to leave i turn all the way around and looked at her she was two people behind me (she was looking straight ahead, NOT AT ME, just making that part clear) and now here i am. You think shes shy and that's why she only looks once or twice a class or do you think its more of a stare for a stare? I wanna talk to her but i need a smile to know shes interested.

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    Shy. Yeah, stare for a stare.

    Smile first, maybe nod her way.

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