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I know this is a repost but I never got any answers so im trying

Alright, my last question was about bmws and their maintenance. Now I found a very nice 2000 323ci. Here is what the guy did to it already:135556 miles the car had a full tune up, front brakes w/ rotors, all four O2 sensers, valve gaskets, Coolant hose, alternator belts and water pumps replaced.

He also mentions he did the suspensions last year. SO, I plan on taking it for a test drive, I've never owned a BMW 323ci , what should I be looking for while driving

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Also , it's being sold for 5500 us dollars . In my opinion , great deal being that he got those major tune ups recently

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    Put it up on jacks and check for tearing on the subframe. Suspension repairs cost me more than engine stuff so that should be looked at too. Make sure the windows go up and down the window regulators go out. Check that the steering is tight and precise can be control arms. That said they are good cars and pretty reliable but the parts do cost a bit. Don't go nuts driving it it should last you a while.

    Source(s): Own a 02 325
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