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Pleeeeeeeeeeease help me!!!!?

I want to be skinny! But i'm 5'5 and 119 pounds and I'm on the cross country team an d I've been eating 2500 caloreis for 2 weeks now so I went form 117 pounds to 119 - how do I lose it?! I can't affect my performance but I NEED to be 115 pounds please please please! Help!

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    First, don't listen to a THING Chloe says about diet- she is woefully misinformed about the entire subject.

    I have never heard of weight classes for cross-country runners, so I am thinking your "maximum" weight is self-imposed. 119 pounds at 5'5" is not overweight. 2500 calories intake per day should be about right, but if you want to lose weight, drop to about 2100. use the caloric calculator I reference, below.

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    Is 115 the maximum weight to be in the cross country team? Well, I remember seeing a guy spitting out all saliva into a bottle to reduce that last bit of weight to get ready for a competition. Don't know if this is good for you but it was just a temporary thing for a day or two.

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    Go low-carb. I promise, low-carb is the only diet that works. Calorie counting will get you nowhere and low-fat will cause energy loss, muscle loss, fatigue, depression, ect. Atkins, Protein Power, Sugar Busters, South Beach, and good ol' Paleo are a few of the best diets you could go on. I believe South Beach has a very good reputation for weight loss, so you should try that one. But keep in mind if you do decide to go low-carb, you be feel tired and sluggish for the first couple days. this is because your body is used to burning carbs (trying to get rid of them) and needs to adjust to burning fat for fuel instead. After that phase, you'll feel energetic, gain muscle, lose fat, and have completely natural appetite loss, to the point where you don't even need to count calories because your appetite does it for you.

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    You are skinny. But if you insist, just drink a lot of water, and have a lot of protein before you run. that should help

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    Reduce your calorie intake.

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