Best friend lesbian, kissed, confused!?

so me and my best friend (we're both girls) decided to have fun a few nights ago and got a bit tipsy, but not near drunk. well after a little while she told me she was a lesbian. she then kissed me, and i kissed back. we ended up doing so and more for a while.

since then, we've been texting, and its been flirtatious. i've never considered myself bisexual or a lesbian, but now i'm not sure. she has admitted she has feelings for me, but i dont want to wreck our friendship.

any advice on what to do?

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  • 9 years ago
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    do you have feelings for her? if its yes then don't be confused, don't level your sexuality cause love is not about gender. and if you don't really like her that way. them just tell her the truth and that you love her as a best friend. its better than getting involved with her and get her heart broken

  • 9 years ago

    Yet more proof that laws banning sale of alcohol to teenagers is a GOOD IDEA.

    Stop getting drunk with her until you decide what you really want. You don't say you have feelings for her, so I'm assuming that it was merely physical on your part.

    Tell her right now that you are not interested. DON'T keep flirting with her if you know in your heart that you want to settle down with a guy. This is why many lesbians won't date bisexual girls -- or girls who are playing bi for the sexual kicks or the attention.

    No matter what you do at this point, you put the friendship in jeopardy when you kissed her back. It isn't a matter of IF it's likely to hit the rocks, but WHEN. If you're honest, and she's not too disappointed, you might still salvage something.

    And I'll bet some damned fool on YA told her to have a couple of drinks and then kiss you. The direct approach is NOT a good idea unless you're 100% sure, and if nothing else, she needs to learn that it was a bad idea in your case.

  • 9 years ago

    Try making out without the drink then you will know if you are both lucky.

  • 9 years ago

    Go wit da flooooooow

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