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thong bikinis in melbourne florida?

I know there are swim suit regulations that vary county to county. Does anyone know the regulations for melbourne beach, Florida? I just want to know if brazilians and thongs are okay on the beach, don't want to get arrested on my vacation. thank you!


i found this link:

and number 8 says that thongs are illegal in melbourne, fl and wearing one can result in $500 fine and/or 60 days in jail...

Update 2:

does this law mean brazilians are illegal too, since they do show quite a bit of "cheeks"?

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    Its funny. My girlfriend and i was on vacation last week. We went to Cocoa Beach. She laid out on the beach in a g-string 3 days and a thong the last 4 days. Plus i seen about 25 other girls in thongs. Some in the front were so skimpy they were only about an inch wide ,just covering their pussy so it not show. I wore a nude see thru swimtrunk. Had a hard-on all week on the beach looking at the girls in thongs. me and my lady had sex at dusk on the beach with her riding me and we had orgasms together as girls and guys walked by. we had a blast. now a week later she is pregnant. we concieved a baby making love on the beach. it was so fun.

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    I stay in Jacksonville and that they are criminal right here. I wore one in the present day!!! its a hott brazilian thong bikini (i'm ordering 3 extra, too!! Im so excited). I wore one to St Augustine previously, too and you will positioned on them there too. i'm 26, so yay we are close in age (i glance like an adolescent tho). good i'm so satisfied you all are coming and donning thongs cuz you will no longer see too many human beings donning them, i do sense odd being the only one at circumstances. yet others do positioned on them tho. stressful to perceive them. adult males positioned on them, too. Cool, e mail me so we are able to pass to the coastline i pass by using myself and positioned on thongs there. the only place that I hear that thongs are no longer criminal are Neptune coastline (north of jacksonville coastline) and clearwater coastline (tampa section), im uncertain approximately cocoa coastline.

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    no its fine why should they arrest you for wearing brazilians and thongs? your crazy! they cant' tell you what to wear this is america!!! we all say free country!!! **** the law.

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    i wouldn't chance it, just go to miami

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