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Does my best friend like me?

We both are 16. She used to be in my old school till like second grade but I moved and now after all these years we've gotten back in touch. We've been talking over the phone (for hours), we text, facebook, BBM etc.for over 2 years now but we never really got a chance to meet. We talk to each other about anything and everything She WAS dating this jerk who looked better than me and she SAYS she's over him but I don't know. She laughs at all my jokes, she gets jealous whenever I talk about hotter girls, and she keeps saying I'm cool (doubt its of much consequence but still). I really like her a lot. Really. I keep thinking about her. We think alike, we talk alike, we have the same likes and dislikes, we both say the same thing at the same time. We're like two peas in a pod (as she says).

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    There is a chance she does. Tell her how you feel about her. Maybe se feels the same way

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    I am 17 and I've had girls give me that talk all the time...

    "I had a lot of fun with you..."

    "I miss you alot..."

    "You're so nice!"

    All signs they are into you.

    Don't lead her on if you're not, i'm a nice guy and find it hard to say im not interested so i lead them on unintentionally a lot.

    Just treat her like your best friend, but a best friend you can ****

    BUT if you are into her, meet her in person!

    Don't tell her over phone that you really like her, its awkward.

    Once you meet and have all those interactions itll be perfectly clear that you both like each other.

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    It is a possibility. Especially if she's jealous when you talk about other girls. Jealousy is usually a sign that someone likes you.

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    i think u have a shot just say how about lunch or somthing and i bet u will get a yes good luck :D

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    If she is your best friend then she should not only like u she should luv u

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