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why do i have bad luck with girls?

1rst girl- I thought we kind of had something. This was freshman year at college and we met and we talked for about a month and then it fell apart due to the fact that i was texting her to much and she was all hyped up about her ex

2nd girl- Sophomore year i liked this girl but she broke up with her ex. I tried to get to know and i did through class and we are friends. We talk to each other and wave at each other and work together on hw. Now i tried to get close but she wouldn't budge. Now this year we are friends and its like ehhh here and there nothing at all

Third girl- Junior year we flirted alot and i thought it was good. She hasn't talked to me since 2-3 weeks because we have completely different schedule and i went home one weekend. I think she realized she didn't want anything and felt awkward and thus trying not to talk to me. This one hurt the most. It was prob a one night thing.

Idk whats wrong with me

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    Nothing is wrong with you, the right girl just hasn't come along yet

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