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Friend in hospital, tips on what to bring in for him and his family when I visit? Please help!?

I recently found out that one of my close guy friend is in the hospital with a severe eye infection, like really severe, if you know what I mean...

I really want to visit him tomorrow, as nobody really knows about this, since I highly doubt that he's told anyone, but his older brother is talking about it. So, I plan on visiting him tomorrow after school, even though we kinda had a very small argument the other day, but, still, I care about him.

What are your tips on what I should bring him? He's 17.

These are what my friends are telling me to bring for him and his family who are all in the hospital as of right now.

- Chocolates for him and the family.

- Fresh flowers (roses) Although, I'm afraid that it might cause his eye infection to become worse, as he may have allergies, what do you think? ...

- A teddy bear.

- A "Get Well Soon" card

- Nico's Mexican Food Nachos (For the past year, he's been wanting to eat it again.)

- Soda


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    food, helps the family because they might not be cooking since a member of the family is sick. And hospital food is not the best so im sure the patient will appreciate it

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