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Can a Sun-Mars Conjunction completely change a Pisces?

When you've got a conjunction, especially with forceful plaents, do they dominate the energy of the signs involved??

I've got Mars conjunct sun in Pisces, its by 0.37 degrees. My sun and mars both at 15 degrees, born on March 5, so I know there's not chance I could be a more aggressive sign like Aries. They say the sun shows how you perceive life and I sense that it is rather dreamy (Pisces) and a challenge (Mars). I think that aspect has taken everything over. For example, I can't remember the last time I've slept more than 8 hours. I work out every day, for over an hour. I'm not one of those fat asses who has a bunch of stored up energy from overeating that can't fall asleep. I go to sleep at 11 pm and get up at 5 am and my body feels like the energizer bunny because mars is driving me to but my conscious (Pisces energy) feels like it needs to dream more... I'm stuck. It's like the Mars aspect burns at the humility and subtlety of Pisces and turned me into a Scorpio or Aries. It reminds me a lot of Scorpio because its hard to be indifferent towards people with Scorpio sun, Venus, or Mars and that's how it is with me as well, love or hate, always passionate. But I don't realize how much I'm supposedly desiring to project my identity:

Sun conjunct Mars people are passionate about asserting their identity. They are great in an emergency, fast reactors and focused soldiers. Highly sexed, they enjoy the conquest. Though fantastic initiators, endurance might not be their strong point. Mars is pretty raw and untamed, so they tend to be brash and bold, but can be vulgar. There’s no frills or finery with Mars, it’s blunt and to the point. The creative fire of the Sun combined with the forceful speed of Mars makes these people driven and ambitious. They usually get what they desire and don’t react well to rejection. Saying that, their rampant self assertion is awe inspiring and they can achieve much if their objectives are honorable. The projection of their sovereignty a marvel to behold.


How can I use this aspect to my advantage and/or handle with it in general?

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    Yes. Time to start stock piling water bottles and canned beets.

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