Database and Network Administrator career questions?

I am posting this question in seek of some advice regarding a career as a Database Administrator or Network Administrator. I am considering returning to school to study one of these paths, and I am trying to gather some insight about each path before deciding which will be best for me. When I review job postings for either of these careers, it seems like there are so many different types of databases and networks out there to specialize in. I'd like to set my course of study on the right path by specializing in an area of high demand. If there are any Database or Network Administrators reading this, I would appreciate any advice such as pros and cons of each path. I'd love to hear some day in the life stories. What would any of you do different if you could start over from day one? I really want to make sure I start off studying the right technologies, so I don't come out of school having just studied a database or networking type that is dropping in popularity per say. Also, what can I do now to break into the business while I am studying and learning either path. Listed some big questions here, but I basically just need some direction to start off right. The more details the better. Thanks for any advice.

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