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What is the best way to loose a chubby belly?

I'm not overweight I just have a little belly that hangs over I've been doing sit ups but it didn't seem to make a difference I really would like to turn my little belly into a nice flat tummy what exercises would I have to do to make that happen?

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    Try planking...Like a pushup but put your elbows on the ground and stay like that.

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    9 years ago

    Wheat is the main cause for weight gain in the abdomen. Mostly humans are genetically predisposed to store weight in their thighs and butt, but wheat screws up your hormones and creates an overload of insulin and basically jacks up your entire system causing weight to be stored in your stomach. give up wheat (and preferably all other grains and sugar too) and you'll lose the belly. If you must eat other grains, the best choice is brown rice and potatoes but keep in mind this will probably stall you. If you must eat sugar honey is the best choice, although giving up everything sweet but fruit is the best decision.

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    I suggest getting an xbox and kinect! Dance central is really working out for my sister and she just had twins recently! :)

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