MW3 Hardend Edition?! News please..?

i was thinking of getting the hardend edition of. modern warfare 3 but i wanted to know what it does like what extra features it comes with. i also hear you get free map downloads but i want to know if its true.

you get a 1 yer elite status an if tgat has the freee map downloads does

that mean when the years up the maps juat go away? plz and thanks:)

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  • 9 years ago
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    Basically, the main thing it gives is the 1-year free Elite membership, which promises all of the map packs free of charge when they come out.

  • 9 years ago

    The hardened edition is definately the way to go! You get the game, another disc featuring unique art, 1 year of elite which is the free maps for a year and since COD is a yearly game it will be worth it (50 dollar value), special founder status for emblem and playercards, weapon camo, xlan xp boost, the awesome steelcase, a free juggernaut avatar outfit, and the limited edition field journal! So yes all of that is worth well over 100! =)

    Source(s): Huge COD fan =)
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