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Are rapid HIV test's accurate?

Hi, i got a rapid HIV test today which came out negative. I also the day before got blood tests done because i am feeling a little under the weather, and the doctor suggested i do a hiv test as well and i did and i get those results in 3 weeks, but the anxiety was too much so i did a rapid hiv test today. I always use condoms but the very first time i had sex, i DID use a condom but the girl took it off and i do remember putting it back on. This incident happened almost a year ago, so would you think the rapid hiv test result is accurate or no?

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    For an INDEPTH FULL PARTICULARS, please see below.... Best Wishes

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    a lot of human beings develope sufficient antibodies in 3 weeks to attempt helpful. yet to confirm, the window remains 3 months. The elisa and the western blot are very effective exams. Hiv warning signs may be googled. you may sense flu-ish, have nighttime sweats, etc. Use condoms please, and lube.

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