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Are there any straight camps anymore?

I want to know about a straight camp for my son. I love him, but I don't believe it's ok to be gay.

I asked this earlier:;_ylt=AqRnz...


So, he's either bi, or covering up being gay. That doesn't make me a troll. And yes he did have a girlfriend

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    LOLOLOLOLOL douchebagette

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    Well I don't think that there are very many camps that have to sole purpose of "changing" someone's sexuality, or at least none that are publicized. They have either proven to be ineffective, or in some cases down right cruel, if I'm not mistaken.

    My best advice to you is to be his mother. Love him unconditionally and show support. You don't have to "accept" homosexuality or change your view on it but just make sure he knows that you are there for him. Going online for help only shows your concern and that you care for him. You would not want him to develop an unhealthy view on this because it may end up alienating him from your family and even destroy him in the future.

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    Prepare to get flamed, so to speak. I don't think he should be having sex at age 15 by any means, but being gay isn't a choice and you can never change his sexuality. Be careful or you might push him away and he could engage in even more harmful behavior. You're going to have to accept that he's gay at some point. Don't ask him to lie to himself and try to be straight, that's just wrong to do.

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    he was borrn that way, its really horrible for you as a parent to not accept him for who he is. He's not harming anyone, and if your religous, i bet god would make all guys gay instead of what we have now... most of the guys having premarital sex and committing adultery (includes women and lesbians) and postituting the streets. Now obviously some gays do this too but im speaking generally.

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    According to your profile he had a girlfriend a month ago! If you must troll, try to think of an original topic to annoy people with.

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    You live in the dark ages;step into the light of the 21st century and be a little less stupid why dont you.

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    Just for you I hope your son turns out to be gay

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    No, because we are moving out of ignorance and into the understanding that it's ok to be who you are.

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